Jerry Lawler On Backstage Interaction With Paige At The Royal Rumble, Ronda Rousey Signing With WWE

The Women’s Royal Rumble compare was lauded not usually for a chronological significance, yet how good a compare went. On a new part of his podcast, Jerry “The King” Lawler had high regard for a women and their performance.

The women’s Rumble compare featured a ton of warn earnings including past Women’s Champions Trish Stratus, Lita and Michelle McCool, among others. The compare also did a good pursuit of showcasing a stream womanlike talent on a roster, culminating with Asuka winning and punching her sheet to WrestleMania 34. Lawler pronounced a compare was all he had hoped it would be and he praised everybody who had a palm in putting it together.

“The Women’s Royal Rumble succinct what we adore about Royal Rumbles. we adore saying people from a past and warn entrances display adult during Royal Rumbles. The Women’s Royal Rumble was ancestral and a initial time ever. There was so most pressure, not usually women who achieved yet a people who put that Royal Rumble together. You usually get one possibility to make a good initial clarity and that was what they had and we suspicion they came by with drifting colors,” Lawler said. “All a ladies that they brought behind looked and achieved great. The compare itself was usually so good. It unequivocally was. we was vehement about it. we was astounded that they put that on final yet after saying a warn during a finish of a Royal Rumble afterwards we wasn’t so surprised; it all finished sense. The whole Women’s Royal Rumble was great.”

The biggest news to come out of a Royal Rumble was a entrance of Ronda Rousey. The former UFC champion and Hollywood star seemed during a finish of a women’s Rumble compare and finished an meaningful stipulation about her intentions for WrestleMania. Lawler pronounced he’s happy to see someone with such star-power join a WWE.

“She’s somebody that is famous roughly to everybody. John Cena is a film star, commercials, good grief, all that John Cena has finished is famous like Ronda Rousey; during least, outward a WWE world,” Lawler said. “I review what Dana White wrote about her; he pronounced that he is so happy for her since he knew that her whole time during her UFC career she was always a Pro Wrestling fan; always desired a WWE. Even he feels she is where she belongs.”

Lawler also discussed a humorous communication he had with Paige while they were backstage. There was a viral print in that it seemed as yet Lawler was staring during Paige’s backside. He pronounced a dual of them common a giggle about it.

“The initial time walking to a corridor in a behind walking to catering, here comes dual immature ladies walking towards me, and it’s Paige and Kelly Kelly; and we hadn’t seen Paige in a prolonged time and she gives me a cuddle and everything; afterwards she deduction to tell Kelly Kelly about a design that went out all over a internet of someone holding a design during ringside, that it usually depends on that second,” Lawler said. “The whole time we are during ringside and we are looking around during no revelation what, if they locate that accurate second it appears that we am looking during Paige’s backside and we don’t unequivocally remember that as being a box yet a design looked like that. It sailed around a internet everywhere and she and we had a good giggle about it. We recreated a design behind in a locker room with her looking during my backside, so that’s a kind of things that can occur with cinema like that. Let me encourage everybody, and we swear on my mother’s grave, Jim Ross and we were never defunct during anytime during a 25th anniversary of Raw. That never happened.”

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Source: Dinner With The King

Peter Bahi contributed to this article.