Jenny Mollen Insists She’s ‘Totally Fine’ After Revealing She Has ‘Prepartum’ Depression: ‘This Is Normal’

As Jenny Mollen approaches a finish of her second pregnancy, she’s grappling with emotions that she feels aren’t “addressed enough.”

The mom of one, who is currently expecting her second son with father Jason Biggs, common her knowledge with what she described as “prepartum” basin in an Instagram post and story Thursday.

“I could already be in a depression,” she revealed. “I’m formulation on eating my placenta, though I’m also expecting a vital romantic dive. we consider that it’s chemical. we consider people don’t speak about it enough.”

On Friday, she used Instagram stories once again to transparent a atmosphere on her comments, insisting that she is “totally fine” after receiving an liquid of endangered emails. “This is normal — that’s what I’m perplexing to say,” Mollen explains. “That it’s not uncanny … we would be some-more freaked out if we weren’t freaking out.”

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On Thursday, Mollen explained that she was ill from a highlight of having another baby. “Because carrying a baby is a scariest f—ing thing that could occur to a woman,” she said.

The 38-year-old singer and author said after giving birth to her now-3-year-old son Sid, she told “everybody that it felt like we was entrance off of cocaine.”

“It was usually like a craziest comedown of my life,” she added.

Jenny Mollen/Instagram

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When it came to since she believed she was depressed, Mollen pronounced Thursday, “Maybe since we know what to design this time, it’s roughly function sooner, like I’m already going by a motions of [this] violent life-changing experience.”

She added, “And I’m certain it’s somewhat easier a second time since going from 0 kids to one kid, is like, ‘Oh my God, I’m totally trapped forever.’ Since I’m already trapped, it’s like, ‘Whatever.’ ”

The star also suggested her fans to be “hyper-vigilant” about their emotions after giving birth. “You’ll be repelled during how quick you’ll arise adult one day and be in a darkest place,” Mollen said. “The usually approach your child is going to be healthy and happy is if we are healthy and happy. So, make that a priority.”

Jenny Mollen/Instagram

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In her Friday follow-up story, a soon-to-be mom of dual certified she accepted and appreciated where a concern from desired ones was entrance from, adding, “I consider if you’re not somewhat depressed, you’re not unequivocally alive.”

Earlier in her pregnancy, Mollen suggested that she has placenta previa, a condition where a placenta covers during slightest partial of a cervix.

Opening adult to PEOPLE about a condition, she said, “It actually hasn’t been a large deal so distant since I’m so early. we had a c-section a initial time since we never dilated, so I’m not that endangered since we approaching to have to be cut open again.”