Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Celebrate a Weekend with Their Kids During School Carpool

Alex Rodriguez is pushing a train of cool!

The late pro ball player’s girlfriend Jennifer Lopez shared a celebratory shave to her Instagram Stories on Friday, that she took from inside a automobile as Rodriguez drives their kids to school.

“What morning is it? Is it Monday? Is it Friday?” a multi-threat entertainer, 48, asks a backseat inhabitants: her twins Maximilian “Max” David and Emme Maribel, 10, and Rodriguez’s daughters Ella Alexander, 10 subsequent month, and Natasha Alexander, 13.

The kids all respond enthusiastically that it’s Friday, with Max vouchsafing out a call of, “It’s FRIDAAAAAAAAYYYY!”

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Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez's kids

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez's kids

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Max and Emme recently distinguished their 10th birthday with a blowout whack during Sugar Factory American Brasserie Las Vegas, where over 30 guest feasted on salad, steak, salmon, duck and waffles, macaroni pops and bruschetta.

And of course, there were tons of candy on palm — including tradition colorful drinks and dual intricately designed cakes for a guest of honor.

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Since they began dating early final year, Lopez and Rodriguez, 42, have been open about consistent their families, creation it famous that their priorities distortion with their children’s best interests.

In fact, a former New York Yankee’s daughters were a outrageous fan of Lopez from a get-go. “She is such a good purpose model. They demeanour during her like she’s a Messiah,” Rodriguez told PEOPLE exclusively in Oct of Ella and Natasha.

He added, “When they’re in Las Vegas, we don’t consider they leave Jennifer’s side.”