Jennifer Lawrence’s Oscar Fall & 8 Other Of Her Most Awkward Award Show Moments Ever

From falling, to photobombing, to enormous jokes, J.Law is famous for creation endowment shows value watching. Click here to relive her many ungainly endowment uncover moments of all time!

Jennifer Lawrence, 25, might be an Oscar winner, a Dior spokesmodel, and a mega-talented actress, yet during heart she’s usually like we and me. She gets hangry, she trips…a lot, and she says things that well, maybe should be left unspoken. But hey, a conditions is usually ungainly if we make it awkward, right? Check out 9 of her craziest endowment uncover moments below! Because after all, when it comes to endowment uncover etiquette, Jennifer simply has no rules!

In maybe a many epic Oscar destroy of ALL time, J.Law completely ate dirt in 2013 while sporting a overwhelming Dior robe as she done her approach on theatre to accept her Best Actress award. But not usually did she totally face plant, yet she totally owned her decrease in her acceptance speech, job out how “embarrassing” her outing was. Classic save, Jen. But during slightest a lady can giggle during herself!

But of march Jennifer couldn’t usually tumble once, oh no. Only one year later, during a 2014 Oscars, Jen lost her change once again and roughly took her crony with her as she plunged down a red runner in a less-than-graceful spill. Oops! But of march haters couldn’t assistance yet wheeze that maybe Jennifer calculated this tumble in sequence to supplement some of her laughable hint to a ceremony. We know a law though, a lady is usually too dang klutzy! Maybe she should competition a helmet to this year’s Oscars.

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The same night she tumbled before usurpation her Oscar behind in 2013, Jennifer was angry how inspired she was while walking a red carpet. Maybe her famous tumble was usually a outcome of low blood sugar? She even asked Ryan Seacrest, 41, if there would be food during a ceremony, gushing, “I’m freaking starving!” Oh Jennifer! She afterwards forked longingly to a McDonald’s down Hollywood Boulevard and jokingly asked her publicist to pitch by and collect her adult a burger. …Except we all know she wasn’t indeed joking! Only Jen could consider about McDonalds during a Oscars.

We all know Jennifer is hugely talented, after all in 2013 she kick out Meryl Streep during a Golden Globes for Best Actress in a Motion Picture Comedy or Musical — and she done certain a universe knew it! Her now infamous “I kick Meryl” speech primarily caused utterly a stir as it was seen by fans as a sum poke during a iconic actress. But apparently, J.Law wasn’t perplexing to be mean, she was usually quoting a movie! Too bad her fun was totally mislaid on her audience. “It’s never a good thought for me to wing it, yet it was a quote from First Wives Club!” a thespian after revealed. Yeah Jen we agree, “winging it” is never your clever suit. But we still adore you!
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And who can forget a most epic photobomb EVER, that occurred during a 2014 Golden Globes. The photobomber? J.Law. The target? Taylor Swift, 26. Jennifer had us all enormous adult when she stole a spotlight from T.Swift as she was being interviewed by Ryan. In her waggish hide attack, Jennifer done a crazy face and snuck adult on a thespian in what incited out to be everyone’s fave red runner impulse of a night!

Although for some, endowment shows tend to have a snooze-worthy reputation, we can gamble that if Jennifer Lawrence is in attendance, SOMETHING crazy is firm to ensue! We can't wait to see what Jen has adult her sleeve for this year’s Oscars on Feb. 28. Let a stupidity unfold!

HollywoodLifers, what do we consider of J.Law and her antics? Do we adore saying her during endowment shows?