Jeff Lewis Asks a Tearful Jenni Pulos to Be His Daughter’s Godmother: ‘It’s a Big Responsibility’

When it came to picking godparents for Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward’s daughter Monroe Christine, who turns 1 on Oct. 25, the Flipping Out stars and new relatives knew a preference wouldn’t be easy.

“It’s a large responsibility,” Lewis, 47, explains in PEOPLE’s disdainful hide look during Thursday’s deteriorate 10 culmination — only moments after seeking pals Jenni Pulos and Chaz Dean if they would be adult for a task.

Of course, Lewis had good reasons for picking Pulos, 44, and Dean. “Well, Jenni’s one of my closest friends. She’s also unequivocally eremite so we consider she will take a pursuit unequivocally seriously,” he says in a clip.

And Dean? “Chaz is a richest chairman we know,” Lewis jokes.

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Chaz Dean and Jenni Pulos

Humor aside, a gesticulate leaves both Pulos and Dean in tears.

“I’m unequivocally respected and overwhelmed that they would ask me since we’ve had some tough times,” says Pulos, a mom of dual herself to 4-month-old daughter Georgia Grace and 4-year-old daughter Alianna Marika. “But a doctrine is when we hang things out with people that we caring about, your attribute is stronger for it.”

“It was unequivocally incredible,” Dean, a Los Angeles stylist, adds. “I’m vehement to watch her grow and learn her and watch her develop in life. And we know Jeff and I, we have a unequivocally clever bond. We get any other. But we’re unequivocally opposite. I’m unequivocally romantic and focused and he’s — we don’t wish to contend he’s away from emotion, nonetheless we get what we mean.”

Jeff Lewis

Pulos and Dean will have a lot on their hands with Monroe, it seems. Lewis previously told PEOPLE his honeyed daughter has hereditary a bit of his famous temper.

“She’s a unequivocally happy, honeyed small child until we have to change her diaper, clean her face or brush her hair. And afterwards it turns into a stage from The Exorcist,” Lewis, whose bud was used to detect Monroe by IVF, said. “She does chuck a lot of tantrums, she’s unequivocally intense. The alloy told me she was ‘high needs’ that translates to ‘high maintenance.’ Which we consider I’m ‘high needs!’ ”


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Still, fatherhood has been a absolute change for Lewis’ life.

“Everything has been jarred up, nonetheless in a good way. It army we to grow and consider what’s operative in your life and what’s not operative in your life,” he shared. “It’s not even about my life anymore, it’s about a baby’s life. And all of these decisions we make are about what’s good for a baby. we was used to creation decisions about what’s good for Jeff. So it’s like a new life.”

Lewis has enjoyed a new life so most that he and Edward suggested on Friday’s part of his SiriusXM radio show Jeff Lewis Live that they’re already meditative about baby No. 2.

“We have 5 solidified embryos … a subsequent baby will be Gage’s bud and his strongest bud is a boy. So hopefully we are going to have a boy,” Lewis said. “Not nonetheless though, we’re not profound yet.”

Edward added, “We only had the gender exhibit party. He’s a week-old — frozen.”

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