Javed Akhtar: All kinds of eremite people are equally unreasonable

Javed AkhtarJaved Akhtar Javed Akhtar got intent in a Twitter argument.

Irked by a amicable media user who asked him if Shia and Sunni were opposite religions, maestro writer-lyricist Javed Akhtar on Thursday pronounced all kinds of eremite people were “equally unreasonable”.

He done a criticism as partial of a sequence of tweets after a amicable media user asked Akhtar: “Is Shia and Sunni opposite religions Javed Akhtar? #JustAsking.”

The distinguished writer, who is utterly outspoken about his views on socio-political issues, said: “Your doubt about Shia and Sunni reminds me of a really famous discourse from a film ‘Gone With The Wind’. And it was, ‘Frankly my dear, we don’t give a damn’.”

Akhtar also intent in a Twitter evidence with another user who lifted a doubt on a feasibility of carrying “Aamir Khan, a Muslim, play (a part) in many ancient and dedicated of Hindu epics, a Mahabharata”.

Akhtar abused a user, seeking him “which unfamiliar group is profitable we to widespread this kind of impolite and unwholesome thoughts in a country”.

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      1. ITS PITY THAT SYMBOLS OF SLAVERY, that include, following islamic cult, wearing burqa/hizab, skull cap, reading quran, namaz, flourishing mustache-less beard, giving islamic name to children, and praise/defend those islamic terrorists etc etc, are STILL continued to be followed by a Hindu-converts!………………. All these are Reminders of slavery, that translates were forced to go by during islamic militant order in India-Pakistan-Bangladesh……………. “UNBIASED READING” of a heartless acclimatisation History is adequate to make a chairman comprehend that all these are black of labour Indeed……………… “SOUL SEARCHING” by Hindu-converts, with an open mind is a contingency to know who they are in reality, one contingency follow “Asto-Ma-Sadgamay-Tamso-Ma-Jyotirgamaya” to know their loyal identi-ty, and giveaway themselves from this DEPRESSIVE DARKNESS, that force we to follow a same people who brought genocide and pain to your families!!
        1. OUR HINDU-CONVERTS MUST QUESTION because should they follow a unfamiliar cult that killed their families…………. Rabid terrorists from unfamiliar countries pounded a land and forced “THEIR” cult on us…………. We contingency READ HISTORY to know how they used arms of rape, killing, woe to CONVERT…………. How children were beheaded and women raped in front of a families to Break us to accept “THEIR” islam…………. lakhs of males were killed, beheaded and their sisters, wives, mothers, taken as secx slaves, a life of Living Hell…………. Rabid terrorists like aurangjeb, taimur, khilji, ghori etc took PRIDE in beheading and raping people in front of their families to convert, though unfortunately IN IGNORANCE we follow these SAME people and lost a genuine identi-ty!! ………….. Isnt it injustice? Isnt it an “INSULT TO SOULS” of those tens of lakhs of men, women, children who gave their life, went by unbearably unpleasant sufferings for 1000 years, only to save us!
          1. WHY ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION AND ALLAH NOT A GOD———CULT of islam was combined by pedophile fraudster mohammad only recently in 7th century, before 7th century there was NO ISLAM, NO ALLAH, NO MUSLIMS………… ancestors of mohamad were worshipers of LORD SHIVA, though desirous by jesus’s fame, mohamad also wanted to start HIS OWN CULT only like jesus, so he combined FAKE CONCEPT of islam and allah………. though KABA IS KAILASH, even currently all translates ceremony a SHIVALINGA during Kaba, a called HAZRE ASWAD, still do a “7 Parikrama” and still cruise a CRESCENT Moon to be holy………King Vikramaditya have accounts of visiting that Kaba Shiv Mandir, these accounts are still there in a book called SAYAR-UL-OKUL……… Mufti Muhammad Ilyas also says Shiva is a initial Prophet of muslims…….. mohamad was a FRAUD BABA who combined cult of islam so that he can suffer fame, income and secx….. Our “Hindu-converts” contingency try to know this and afterwards select whats a right decision!
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