Japan women systematic from sumo ring during initial aid

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Women are criminialized from entering a sumo ring

Women who rushed to perform initial assist on a male who collapsed in a sumo ring in Japan were systematic by a arbitrate to leave a ring, since females are criminialized from a space.

The ring is regarded as dedicated and women, traditionally seen as “impure”, are criminialized from entering.

They ran into a ring when Maizuru city mayor Ryozo Tatami collapsed while giving a speech.

The conduct of Japan’s sumo organisation after apologised to a women.

“The proclamation [to get off a stage] was done by a arbitrate who was upset, though it was an inapt act in a conditions that involves one’s life,” Nobuyoshi Hakkaku, a sumo association’s arch pronounced in a statement.

“We deeply apologise.”

Local reports after emerged that spectators saw salt being thrown into a ring after a women left.

In Japanese culture, salt is thrown into a sumo ring before a compare to freshen it. Some on amicable media pronounced a gesticulate pragmatic that a women had “dirtied” a ring.

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Salt is traditionally thrown to freshen a ring before a match

“How bold is it that they threw salt to clean a ring after a women went in?” one Japanese Twitter user said.

“This is a response to someone who attempted to save a life? we consider we’d improved shower salt on a conduct of a sumo association,” another added.

Mr Tatami was taken to sanatorium and is in a fast condition.

It is not a initial time women entering a sumo ring has sparked controversy.

In 2000, a afterwards administrator of Osaka Fusae Ota asked a sumo organisation to concede her to enter a ring so she could benefaction a prize to a champion wrestler, though her ask was rejected.