Jamie Otis Trying to ‘Stay Positive’ After Suffering Another Miscarriage: We’ll ‘Make It Through’

Jamie Otis is perplexing to stay certain as she continues to cope with pang another miscarriage.

The Married during First Sight star, 32, schooled a devastating news that she had by during 10 weeks during a doctor’s appointment on Friday.

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“I consider the misfortune is finally over,” Otis wrote on Saturday, alongside an romantic black-and-white picture of her and father Doug Hehner embracing.

“We left a doctors bureau around 1:30 yesterday with a medicine in. (The doc places it during your cervix and afterwards we have to distortion down for 15-30 min to make certain your physique absorbs it all.),” she wrote. “I was wondering when and if a remedy would work given we was serve along so we knew it wasn’t guaranteed to work. But we unequivocally don’t wish to have to have a DC.”

Otis pronounced that she and her father afterwards went to her in-laws’ residence to collect adult their 16-month-old daughter, Henley Grace.

“When we came home we had amiable cramps though zero aberrant really,” she shared, before explaining how things took a thespian spin after that evening. “Around 7pm we began removing a many sharp, agonizing heedfulness all via my swell and my back.”

While she spent a night “curled adult in [a] fetal position with heating pads on my behind and belly,” her daughter “slept angelically by a night. Almost like she knew mom and father were unhappy and in pain and indispensable a night.”

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Thanking her father for his extensive support, Otis common that Hehner was “by my side for every.single.moment of a stabbing heedfulness and runs to a bathroom.”

“I don’t know what we did to merit such a loving, kind, courteous male though we am so, so grateful for you, @doughehner,” she continued, adding a red heart emoji.

Otis went on to explain that while a integrate is going by an impossibly formidable time, “we’re perplexing a best to stay positive.”

“We’ve done it by this before – RIP a honeyed angel baby, Johnathan,” she wrote, in anxiety to a baby boy a integrate mislaid in 2016, four months into her pregnancy.

“We will make it by this too,” she added. “I theory a small Johnny wanted a small hermit or sister to play with adult in heaven.”

The existence star went on to conclude her fans for promulgation her family their thoughts and prayers.

“The adore we are promulgation a approach is palpable. We conclude any and any one of you,” she wrote. “We adore we guys and are so grateful to know we are meditative of us and praying for us right now. It means some-more than you’ll ever know.”

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Otis’ father went on to share a loving tribute to his wife, job her “the many amazing, loving, and caring chairman we have ever met!”

“She is a many extraordinary mom and wife! we am so propitious to have her as my partner in life,” Hehner combined alongside a sketch of a integrate smiling while cuddling adult close. “Thank we all so most for a escape of adore and support. It means a lot to us both.”

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In Aug 2017, one year after a detriment of their baby boy, a couple — who were matched on Married during First Sight in 2014 and got married on a uncover — welcomed their biggest fun into their lives: rainbow baby Henley.

Eight months later, in Apr 2018, a integrate common on Instagram that they were prepared to start perplexing for another baby.

But in September, Otis announced another comfortless loss: she experienced a chemical pregnancy only days after pity a picture of a pregnancy test that she hoped was positive.

A chemical pregnancy is “an early pregnancy detriment that occurs shortly after implantation,” according to Healthline.

“Sorry I’ve been MIA, this really weird certain pregnancy exam afterwards disastrous exam afterwards gloomy certain lines gave me wish that Gracie was going to turn a large sis in 9 months, though a night before final we began carrying terrible contraction-like heedfulness spotting,” Otis wrote on Instagram.

Two months later, a span schooled that they were expecting another baby.  

Jamie Otis and daughter

Now, as Otis and Hehner continue to routine a distressing detriment of their baby, she is holding parsimonious to her small girl.

“Spending a rest of a day in bed thanking God from a bottom.of.my.heart for a rainbow baby, @henleygracehehner,” Otis wrote on Friday, as she non-stop adult about her harmful news for a initial time. “Feeling so sanctified to have her to reason while my heart aches!”