Jake Paul Might Really Be Over After An Alleged Fake Assault Charge And The Viral #JakePaulIsOverParty! Updates!

Drama, drama, play in a teeny-bop star of post-Vine stars on YouTube!

Jake Paul, a frequency argumentative child who overtly deserves some of what’s opening to him for being an ultra-douche, is now looking during vast problem after apparently personally accusing FaZe Banks of assault!

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Here’s a backstory: both of these guys are YouTubers, of course, and Jake diminished a video a other day accusing FaZe of clothes-lining his partner during a club, claiming Banks allegedly choked a lady on purpose — and that Banks is amour on his tide partner (and Jake’s ex), Alissa Violet.


Got that?!

Up during a tip of this post is FaZe’s response video, detailing accurately since he believes a conflict allot is absurd — and FaZe goes offer to conflicting that he believes members of Jake’s Team 10 unit competence have unperceiving his dash during a bar that night!!


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Watch a video (above) to see FaZe — and Alissa — go in on a frequency argumentative Jake Paul.

And that’s a proceed response to this video (below):


Best news here, though?! Jake is losing TONS of subscribers right now — with tens of thousands forward off his channel in response to his (nearly zodiacally unliked) video about a supposed assault.


Thoughts, Perezcious readers?!

Are we into all this YouTube drama??

Share your thoughts in a comments (below)!!!

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