Jacqueline Fernandez: Entering Bollywood flattering most happened by chance

Jacqueline Fernandez bollywoodJacqueline Fernandez bollywood Jacqueline Fernandez shares, “I’ve always believed in my abilities and that unequivocally has done all a difference.”

Jacqueline Fernandez, who hails from Sri Lanka, says she always wanted to be an hostess though didn’t devise removing into Bollywood. The actor — an financier as good as ‘believer’ for Raw Pressery — has penned down her thoughts about her tour in blog, that went live on International Women’s Day on Thursday.

“Since a unequivocally immature age, I’ve always dreamt of being an entertainer. Wanting to tell stories, make everybody around me laugh. For me it was never about a films though a pristine fun that comes with being an entertainer. That dream, that fun is something that had me drawn towards it,” Jacqueline said.

“Entering Bollywood flattering most happened by chance. In Bollywood, it’s not only about entertaining, though also an artistic form of countenance by dance, behaving and discourse that has a intensity to stir thousands of emotions.

“Your assembly relates to you. Lives a impression by you. All a strength to live adult to my dream of being an hostess has come from constantly flourishing as a performer and to concentration on my strengths. It competence sound a tiny too good to be loyal as we read, though trust me, once we start vital by it, you’ll feel a disproportion yourself,” she added.

Born to a Sri Lankan father and Malaysian mother, Jacqueline was lifted in Bahrain. At a age of 14, she was hosting a aptness show. She changed to Australia to attend college and afterwards returned to Sri Lanka where she took adult a stating job.

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The year 2006 incited to be a game-changer as she won a Miss Sri Lanka beauty crown. She done her entrance in a Indian film attention with a 2009 film Aladin.

“I grew adult in a unequivocally elementary Sri Lankan family, lifted in a UAE. we initial motionless we wanted to be a performer during a age of 6, and honestly, was utterly fearful to move this adult with my relatives during first. we was distressed of what they’d contend given it was utterly an radical career trail though we theory we happened to get unequivocally lucky,” she said.

The singer says her relatives have been her biggest source of support even when her entrance Bollywood film didn’t click during a box office.

“In all my perplexing times, during a initial stages when we was unknown with this colourful city, that we now call home, or during my initial army in acting; I’ve always believed in my abilities and that unequivocally has done all a difference. It still astonishes me, how such a tiny change is means to get we by an whole hearing and blunder proviso and, put we right in front of your goals, however lofty they might be,” she said.

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