Jaclyn Stapp’s Blog: A Father’s Day Tribute to My Husband (and Our Hero!) Scott

Jaclyn Stapp is basking in a heat of being a mom of three!

The mother of Grammy winner Scott Stapp gave birth to a couple’s third child and second son together, Anthony Issa, on Nov. 16. They are also relatives to son Daniel Issam, 8 subsequent month, and daughter Milán Hayat, 11. Scott, 44, has a 19-year-old son named Jagger.

The Creed rocker wrapped a solo tour late final year, and is essay new song during his downtime. Former Miss New York USA Jaclyn, 37, is focused on CHARM, her nonprofit gift that provides preparation and support to impecunious children.

The spouses revealed to PEOPLE exclusively in Jun 2017 that they would acquire another baby into a family, pity pleasing photos from their elegant “Royal Prince”-themed baby shower in Oct and sweet family photos introducing Anthony in December.

You can follow Jaclyn on Instagram @jaclynstapp and Twitter @mrsjstapp.

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Scott and Jaclyn Stapp with son Anthony

Scott Stapp and daughter Milán

Scott Stapp and son Daniel

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Mothers of a world, rigging up, as Father’s Day is on us once again. And we meant this in a good way!

My children are sanctified not usually to see their daddy each day, though to have a father who is present and reports for avocation each day, even when he is divided on tour or translates a debate train to a kids’ zone. It is a really endearing steer to see my hubby common himself to these small people in a home as he succumbs to a adore of his babies.

I was so taken aback one night when we was fighting a cold during 3 a.m. Hubby gets adult for a baby, warms a bottle and changes his diaper while we listen to him carrying a full-blown one-way review with a 6-month-old. Really, this happens. Rock-star father is dauntless either in his high-water Levis, cowboy boots and a straw hat, dancing a hoedown with 20 first-graders, or attempting a hair bun for his small girl’s dance recital.

Scott Stapp and son Anthony

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Then there’s a emanate of subdivision stress — not with a kids, we meant with a dad! He’s constantly pursuit or FaceTiming a kids when he’s on a road. When they transport with him, Dad becomes his possess TSA confidence officer, all for a reserve of a children. we consider he watches too most TV.

At a same time, life has a hardships; as we demeanour around, there are many homes with blank dads. Father’s Day is not only a day for fathers, though a day for all who are fathers to others. This has many meanings, though fundamentally what I’m observant is there are some mothers who are to be celebrated for Father’s Day only as some fathers are distinguished for Mother’s Day.

There is no pursuit outline for these gender-neutral primogenitor positions. My father upheld divided when we was really immature and we still respected Father’s Day with my dual uncles, who were good mentors.

Scott Stapp and daughter Milán

Scott Stapp and son Daniel

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I’m a propitious mom with a good partner who keeps a lives adventurous, fun and full of laughs. we can’t get adequate of examination a kids hang their arms around Daddy’s neck and graze their faces into his chest.

Suddenly, Daddy becomes a tellurian jungle gym, with one child during his feet and a other around his waist as they’re wrestling on a building — such changed moments that we declare (and, during times, play arbitrate for). Our baby Anthony’s face could light up a room when Scott enters it.

So as we applaud Father’s Day, we simulate and appreciate Daddy for all he provides. We also give extensive interjection to God a father, for all he, too, provides — generally his pleasing gifts to us in a form of a children.