‘It’s time to suffer a celebrations’

Andy Murray

I had a separate second to come to terms with winning a Davis Cup before we was mobbed by my team-mates.

One of a special things about this foe is we get to applaud with your team-mates true away, since after any other win we don’t get to see them until maybe an hour after a compare has finished.

On Sunday it was immediate, and we felt a full force of a team!

It’s not a initial time, it happened to me once during propagandize after we scored a idea and everybody afterwards jumped on tip of me, so it brought behind a few memories.

I indeed get claustrophobic, so it was excellent during a commencement when Leon got to me and afterwards a integrate of others yet when there were a few some-more and we couldn’t move, we started to panic and shouted to all of them “get off”!

‘We should make a many of this’

The subsequent integrate of days will be many some-more fun than after my dual Grand Slam wins, for sure.

I bewail maybe not celebrating as many as we should have finished after some of my other wins, since now we know how many bid goes into achieving them. You never know when a subsequent one competence come – it competence never – so we should make a many it.

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Highlights: Andy Murray wins Davis Cup for GB

That’s since we spent an hour and a half on justice after a compare holding selfies and chatting with a supporters. we don’t unequivocally have many personal photos to be honest, yet hopefully it finished a day that bit some-more special for those who trafficked over to Belgium.

It did take a fee on me a bit yet – we could hardly mount adult during a finish of it! By a time we got behind to a locker room, we consider everybody had enjoyed a few eyeglasses of champagne yet we jumped in an ice bath immediately. I’d started to prop adult from not removing to cold down, widen or go by my normal slight after matches. Standing around in soppy garments is not unequivocally good for you.

I do now make certain that we spend a time after wins like this with a people that we wish to spend time with. Right now we wish to spend my time with a rest of a team, and also my family and friends.

There are copiousness of characters here and it will be good over a subsequent day or dual to suffer some celebrations. we would suppose Dan Evans is a many gifted on a group in that respect.

‘I try to equivocate eye hit with Jamie’

To play and win a Davis Cup final with your hermit is great, I’m unequivocally unapproachable of him, and it competence never occur again, so it’s something else to savour.

What he was doing station in my line of prophesy during Sunday’s compare though, we have no idea!

I only saw him station in a opening during a dilemma of a justice during one indicate and found it some-more off-putting since it was my brother, rather than someone we don’t know. we generally try to equivocate eye hit with him altogether during matches.

Some players competence find it profitable to demeanour over during their family yet when they’re right there, we see when they’re stressed or shaken or pumped, and since we know them, we know what their expressions mean.

I’d only rather Jamie wasn’t in my eye-line during that moment, so we let him know!

Britain’s winning Davis Cup group accumulate for a celebratory selfie

‘Davis Cup can be a springboard’

Winning a Davis Cup is a outrageous feat for everybody in a team, yet from a personal indicate of perspective we don’t see it so many like ticking off another large pretension from a list.

There are apparently still dual Grand Slams we haven’t won, and a Australian Open is a contest we would adore to win since I’ve been tighten there so often, reaching a final 4 times.

And had we got by a fifth set of my semi-final with Novak Djokovic, we would have had an event to win a French Open, so I’m not that distant off on a clay.

Hopefully we can use this Davis Cup win as a springboard for subsequent year, to take on a opinion we had in each indicate and maybe get my initial Aussie Open in January.

The Davis Cup has been extraordinary this year, and we would like to appreciate all those that have followed us. It’s been an extraordinary tour and we couldn’t have finished it but you. Now for some rest before we start training for a new deteriorate in a week or so….

Andy Murray was vocalization to BBC Sport’s Piers Newbery. You can follow Murray on Twitter,Facebook and Instagram.