It’s lovely to see celebs on Bigg Boss 11 not frightened of display their genuine personalities: Priya Malik

Vikas Gupta is ex Bigg Boss competitor Priya Malik's favourite contestantVikas Gupta is ex Bigg Boss competitor Priya Malik's favourite contestant Priya Malik participated in a ninth deteriorate of Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss 11 has not usually turn a prohibited subject on a tiny shade yet also in a digital world. Wanting to money in on a success, Voot has launched a new uncover Bigg Boss Ka Bigg Buzz that is hosted by Bigg Boss 9 competitor Priya Malik and Sahil Khattar. The uncover has a dual deliberating a episodes and also removing few guest to share their take. Talking some-more about it, Priya, in an disdainful discuss with shared, “It is fundamentally formed on a hum that happens outward a house. We will be bringing in a opinions and viewpoint of a ex-contestants and a genuine decider of Bigg Boss – a Indian audience. Along with that we will be bringing in a personal analysis. we will supplement a bit of my celebrity and being an ex-contestant, we will have a lot to say.”

When asked what she feels about a stream season, she said, “Oh what a uncover it has incited out to be. It’s like a attribute that started with a crash (laughs). But honestly, it has unequivocally combined so many hum and this year, a makers have selected a accumulation of contestants that has combined value. Above all, a choice of a celebs has been amazing. They are a ones who are not frightened of display their genuine self and not stealing behind their characters. It’s a lovely change and we am unequivocally enjoying it.”

priya malik in bigg trainer 9priya malik in bigg trainer 9 Bigg Boss 9 competitor Priya Malik.

Priya yet has her possess set of fears as she quipped, “I consider that after a while their energies will wear off and we am utterly frightened about that. Soon a contestants will get into a mind section of saturation. Thankfully, we have an intelligent set of creatives, who know when to supplement that compulsory twist. So once things hits a lull, they will call in an sparkling furious label to shake adult things. Something that happened during my season; me and Rishabh (Sinha) went on to supplement so many drama.”

Choosing her favourite out of a lot, Priya said, “Opinions change each day yet if we have to name one, it’s really Vikas Gupta. we have also started fondness Shilpa yet Vikas has an edge.”

Vikas Gupta hugs Shilpa shinde in Bigg Boss 11

Vikas Gupta hugs Shilpa shinde in Bigg Boss 11

Answering a query on what helps build an engaging celebrity on Bigg Boss, she said, “More than your presence, we have to make your deficiency felt. we consider that’s a many critical thing. Even when we was a furious label we was not fearful and showed by good, bad and nauseous side. That done me renouned among masses and they still remember me and my performance.”

Lastly, we asked Priya if Bigg Boss indeed helps build careers. Smilingly she said, “Reality shows will possibly make we or mangle you. It’s a really ephemeral celebrity and we should know what we wish to do with it. we am one of a propitious ones who employed a opportunity. we have been invariably employed post my army in a show, even when we was new in a industry. And it all happened since we had a aim and we done my participation felt in a show, in a good way. You can’t be like Swami Om and afterwards design that someone will offer we a purpose of a hero.”

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