Is This a Day Travis Scott Found Out He Was Expecting a Baby with Kylie Jenner?

News of Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy during only 20 years old repelled a world, though a source tells PEOPLE she and beloved Travis Scott are anxious for a subsequent theatre of their relationship.

Now, fans are speculating Scott might have hinted during a baby news in mid-June when he tweeted: “Legit happiest day of my life.”

At a time, many insincere Scott was hinting that he and Jenner had split, though he expected was sensitively celebrating Jenner’s pregnancy. A source confirms Jenner is due in February, so she would have been in her initial trimester when he tweeted a mysterious message.

The integrate — who have been related given progressing this year after a existence star separate from her on-again, off-again beloved Tyga in Apr — caused amicable media to warp down after news of a pregnancy was revealed.

“It is an astonishing though totally extraordinary spin of events that she could not be some-more vehement or anxious about,” one source told PEOPLE. “Everyone is vivacious for her. This is a happiest she’s ever been.”