Is Michael Phelps Ready for His Second Child?

Michael Phelps, 32, knows a thing or dual about scheming for a large event. The 23-time bullion medalist and his mother Nicole, 32, are available a attainment of their second child, and like anything in life, a second time is not like a first.

Cheesin during a @wmphoenixopen #proam … this was before we walked 15 holes and @m_phelps00 done me get in a transport a final 3 😑 unnecessary to contend I’m tired currently 😴

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Michael Phelps spoke about how he and his mother are ‘stoked’ to meet baby series two, “We are stoked for a second baby. Nicole and we didn’t know what to design with No. 1, we’ve left by it with one child and now it’s going to be a same, we unequivocally went by a routine of training how to caring for a baby, so we feel a small some-more prepared, yet also know that dual is going to be very, unequivocally different.”

Phelps certified that for a second turn he is some-more present, “It’s been a good, beguiling one with me being here for this pregnancy. Last time we was left to get prepared for a Olympics, so we was in Colorado Springs when Nicole went into labor.”

Michael also suggested a dual are going into a knowledge with a certain attitude, “We kind of have a same opinion that we had for series one and wish for a best and all going as well-spoken as probable and anticipating for a healthy baby and training how severe it is. We unequivocally are now focused on creation certain a baby is healthy and Nicole is happy and healthy.”

And what does his 1-year-old son Boomer consider of all of this? Even yet Boomer is a little kid himself, a swimmer pronounced he defiantly understands that things are about to change, “It’s going to be a large awakening when we move home a new sibling. I’m not disturbed though, he’s so good with kids naturally, so in terms of adding another to a mix, he’s going to be a good brother.”

So vehement to see what mom is having!! Do we get to have a hermit or a sister?!?

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Nicole and Michael announced they were awaiting baby series dual behind in August. The span posted a news on their amicable media platforms. Boomer, who has his unequivocally possess Instagram, assimilated in a celebration, “So vehement to see what Mama is having!!! Do we get to have a hermit or a sister???”

Boomer, we will have to wait and see…