Is Kenya Moore Pregnant Finally: RHOA Star Phaedra Parks Spills All In Candid Interview!

Is Kenya Moore Pregnant Finally: RHOA Star Phaedra Parks Spills All In Candid Interview!

Is Kenya Moore finally pregnant? Phaedra Parks dished all in an talk on Friday, Feb 12. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks was unequivocally peaceful to proffer a information while vocalization on Dish Nation. She was discerning to supplement that while she had no explanation of a pregnancy, she was told about it from a unequivocally arguable source.

So is this unequivocally true? Or is this only some-more of a play that is mostly on arrangement between Phaedra and Kenya Moore? During a interview, Phaedra was intelligent adequate not to dedicate to a explain that Kenya was pregnant. Instead, she continued to chuck jibes, such as, “Only Jesus knows who that baby daddy is, IF, it is true”.

At a same time, we all have to consternation if there is some law to a comments, as Phaedra creates no pretenses about Kenya Moore being her friend. So she competence get some impolite fun out of violation a news before Kenya was prepared to share.

In that same talk on Dish Nation, Phaedra was asked about a earnest of Kenya and Matt Jordan’s relationship. She was discerning to state, “Well sugar we don’t know. we don’t see Kenya like that, so it’s not like Kenya and we are BFFs or even FFs or Fs during all. So we don’t know what a attribute is. I’m happy that she’s a small happier’.”

On a Sunday, Jan 24 airing of a RHOA, Kenya finally certified that she was in a attribute with a distinguished personal trainer, Matt Jordan. The chemistry between a dual was definite as Kenya was plainly flirting. While Matt helped Kenya on a site of her home, she certified with far-reaching smiles that a residence would preserve her family; that is, children and a husband. Was this a premonition? Did Kenya expect removing profound in a nearby destiny while she was so eager about a whole discussion?

Nevertheless, there stays utterly a bit to doubt after Phaedra’s comments. A Feb 14 Star Pulse news suggested that Moore designed on undergoing in-vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures. This would start after this season’s filming of Real Housewives of Atlanta when a actress’ report would be reduction hectic. Were Kenya’s skeleton for IVF a pointer she was removing desperate?

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