Is Blac Chyna Pregnant: Plans Rob Kardashian Baby To Secure Kardashian Cash Flow?

Is Blac Chyna Pregnant: Plans Rob Kardashian Baby To Secure Kardashian Cash Flow?

Is Blac Chyna profound already? Is Chyna formulation on carrying a baby with Rob Kardashian in sequence to cash in on a Kardashian income flow? It wouldn’t be a initial time Blac Chyna had a baby with some famous man – in sequence to measure some cash.

Chyna was dating Tyga only over a year when a thespian gave birth to a rapper’s son King Cairo. Sadly, a attribute finished in 2014 – since Kylie Jenner seduced Tyga divided from Chyna. Blac Chyna mislaid to Kylie Jenner in a conflict of a famewhores.

Chyna is already removing a boatload of child support from Tyga, though that gravy sight isn’t going to final forever. But a baby with Rob could move a never finale tide of dollars rolling in. Would Kris Jenner brave to concede any of her grandbabies to be seen but a latest and hottest fashion? And of march Aunties Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian would easily love on their small niece or nephew.

You improved trust Kris Jenner would find a approach to make money, maybe extenuation accede for Rob and Chyna to have their possess existence show. That’s what a integrate wants after all, isn’t it? Chyna’s going to get her square of that cake one approach or a other.

No one is observant for certain Blac Chyna is pregnant! But Rob Kardashian changed flattering quick all over that, didn’t he? Basically a twin was vital together immediately and afterwards Rob gathering all a approach from Los Angeles to Texas and afterwards BACK to Los Angeles after Chyna was arrested for bad function and drug possession.

In addition, there’s buzz that Chyna and Rob are engaged. And it seems Khloe Kardashian is perplexing to correct her attribute with her younger brother. Now, Kylie Jenner, on a other hand, might never pronounce to Rob again. Does it unequivocally matter? Kylie and Rob haven’t concurred any other in forever.

Is Kris Jenner going to be a grandma again? Is Kim Kardashian going to be an Auntie again? Is Rob Kardashian going to be a initial time daddy? Is there a marriage in Blac Chyna’s evident future? Maybe Rob and Chyna will make a insane lurch for a tabernacle before a small Kardashian arrives.

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