Introducing Your New Favorite Banana Pudding, Courtesy of Patti LaBelle

Introducing Your New Favorite Banana Pudding, Courtesy of Patti LaBelle

Patti LaBelle has combined banana pudding to her lineup of desserts accessible exclusively during Walmart. Eager to try this dessert meaningful how tasty Patti’s famous honeyed potato pie is, we immediately got a hands on a sample. “The new pudding is prepared with high peculiarity mixture for an authentic, home-style ambience . . . It facilities abounding banana pudding and a tawny banana pudding mousse studded with 12 vanilla wafers and a vanilla wafer crumble,” a Walmart orator pronounced in a press release. Wondering if a genuine thing would live adult to a explain — and if it would make us shout, “Oh, Patti!” — we attempted it with high hopes.

Here’s what a handful of POPSUGAR editors suspicion of Patti’s banana pudding ($10/box) after giving it a taste.

  • “Not bad; I’d eat it again.”
  • “Anything Patti is all a things.”
  • “Nice texture. A small too sweet, though good. Would buy. Needs some-more wafers or crumbs.”
  • “Divine!”
  • “Seems a small grainy. A small too honeyed and starchy.”

As we can see, a opinions varied, though a altogether accord is if you’re not going to take a time to make homemade banana pudding, this is a plain store-bought option. We’d suggest adding uninformed banana slices on tip to make it even better. Thanks, Patti!

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