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Asked to name critical inventors and we competence start with Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell or Leonardo da Vinci.

But what about Mary Anderson? Or Ann Tsukamoto?

You competence not know their names, though they are only dual of a womanlike inventors behind bland objects and systematic innovations.

BBC 100 Women, a deteriorate featuring stories of moving and successful women, is holding on a new challenge.

This year, women from around a universe will be asked to come adult with innovations to tackle some of a biggest problems they face.

Scroll down for some-more information about 100 Women – and, for some-more inspiration, here are 9 inventions we wouldn’t have, if it weren’t for ground-breaking women.

1. Computer program – Grace Hopper

After fasten a US Navy during a Second World War, Rear Admiral Grace Hopper was reserved to work on a new computer, called a Mark 1.

It wasn’t prolonged before she was during a forefront of mechanism programming in a 1950s.

She was behind a compiler, that could interpret instructions into formula that computers can read, creation programming quicker and eventually revolutionising how computers worked.

Hopper also helped popularised a tenure “de-bugging” that we still use on computers programmes today, after a arthropod was private from inside her machine.

“Amazing Grace”, as she was known, continued operative with computers until she late from a navy as a oldest portion officer, aged 79.

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2. Caller ID and call watchful – Dr Shirley Ann Jackson

Dr Shirley Ann Jackson is an American fanciful physicist, whose investigate from a 1970s is obliged for tourist ID and call waiting.

Her breakthroughs in telecommunications have also enabled others to invent a unstable fax, twine ocular cables and solar cells.

She is a initial African-American lady to benefit a PhD from a Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a initial African-American lady to lead a top-ranked investigate university.

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3. Windscreen wiper – Mary Anderson

On a winter’s day of 1903, Mary Anderson was visiting New York City when she beheld that her motorist was forced to open his window, only to a transparent a sleet from his windscreen.

Every time a window was open, a passengers in a automobile got colder.

Anderson started sketch her resolution of a rubber blade that could be changed from inside a car, and in 1903 was awarded a obvious for her device.

But a invention valid catastrophic with automobile companies, who believed it would confuse drivers.

Anderson never profited from her invention, even when a wipers after became customary on cars.

4. Space hire batteries – Olga D Gonzalez-Sanabria

It competence not have a catchiest name on this list, though a prolonged cycle-life nickel-hydrogen battery has helped energy a International Space Station, so it’s flattering important.

Olga D Gonzalez-Sanabria, who is creatively from Puerto Rico, grown record that helped emanate these batteries in a 1980s and is now executive of engineering during Nasa’s Glenn Research Centre.

What is 100 Women?

BBC 100 Women names 100 successful and inspirational women around a universe each year. In 2017, we’re severe them to tackle 4 of a biggest problems confronting women now – a potion ceiling, womanlike illiteracy, nuisance in open spaces and sexism in sport.

With your help, they’ll be entrance adult with real-life solutions and we wish we to get concerned with your ideas. Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and use #100Women

5. Dishwasher – Josephine Cochrane

A visit entertainer, Cochrane wanted a appurtenance that would rinse her dishes faster than her servants, and be reduction expected to mangle them.

Her machine, that concerned a engine branch a circle inside a copper boiler, was a initial involuntary dishwasher to use H2O pressure.

Cochrane’s alcoholic father had left her with masses of debt after his genocide and this encouraged her to obvious her invention in 1886 and open her possess prolongation factory.

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6. Home confidence complement – Marie Van Brittan Brown

A nurse, who was mostly home alone, Marie Van Brittan Brown came adult with an thought that would make her feel safer.

Together with her father Albert, Van Brittan Brown grown a initial home confidence complement in response to a rising crime rates and delayed military responses of a 1960s.

The device was complicated, with a camera powered by a engine that changed adult and down a doorway to demeanour by a peephole.

A guard in her bedroom also came versed with an alarm button.

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7. Stem dungeon siege – Ann Tsukamoto

Her obvious was awarded in 1991 and given afterwards Tsukamoto’s work has led to good advancements in bargain a blood systems of cancer patients, that could lead to a heal for a disease.

Tsukamoto is now conducting serve investigate into branch dungeon expansion and is a co-patentee on some-more than 7 other inventions.

8. Kevlar – Stephanie Kwolek

This chemist invented a lightweight twine used in bullet-proof vests and physique armour.

Since her find in 1965, a material, that is 5 times stronger than steel, has saved lives and is used by millions each day.

It’s found in products trimming from domicile gloves and mobiles phones to aeroplanes and cessation bridges.

9. Monopoly – Elizabeth Magie

A male named Charles Darrow is mostly credited with formulating a many renouned house diversion in history, though a manners were in fact invented by Elizabeth Magie.

Magie wanted to demonstrate a problems with capitalism with an innovative diversion in that players traded feign income and property.

Her design, that she law in 1904, was called The Landlord’s Game.

The diversion of Monopoly that we know now was published in 1935 by a Parker Brothers, who detected that Darrow was not a solitary creator and had, for only $500 (£385), bought Magie’s obvious and, well, monopolised a game.

There are many some-more womanlike inventors out there, so let us know your favourites by removing in hold on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, regulating #100Women.

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