Ink Master Star Chris Blinston Arrested For Allegedly Strangling His 13-Year-Old Daughter

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This is despicable.

Ink Masters existence TV star Chris Blinston (pictured above, right) was arrested this week after allegedly slaying his 13-year-old daughter twice — and slaying her so hard, in fact, that he totally cut off her airway both times.

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It all started when Blinston’s daughter told a therapist that he had choked her progressing this week following an evidence that took place during a control revisit — that triggered a military investigation, and Blinston was eventually arrested.

He apparently was carrying a brawl with a lady when he grabbed her by a neck and choked off her airway, withdrawal her incompetent to breathe for 10 seconds; when he finally pulled away, she yelled during him, and he choked her again, slicing off her airway for “another 6 to 7 seconds” a second time.

Blinston allegedly also verbally abused a girl, as good as revelation her that if she told anybody about a incident, there would be “hell to pay,” according to TMZ.

Blinston was arrested on charges of transgression domestic battery by strangulation, and taken to jail — where he posted a $6,000 bond and was expelled on Friday afternoon.

No criticism nonetheless from his camp, though this is positively a outrageous (alleged) event…


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