Indonesian Pro Soccer Goalie Dies After Collision During Match — And It’s All Caught On Video

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This is so, so sad.

A goalkeeper for an Indonesian maestro soccer group died this weekend from injuries postulated during a compare in a nation when he collided with another player, went down hard, and immediately started convulsing until initial responders rushed on to a margin to assistance him.

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The goalkeeper, a 38-year-old maestro contestant named Choirul Huda, was conspicuous passed not prolonged after colliding with his possess teammate, defender Ramon Rodrigues, and an competition during a diversion between Huda’s team, Persela Lamongan, and a opponents Semen Padang.

While Huda was unwavering immediately after a collision — and a collision itself doesn’t even demeanour too out of a typical on video — he fast collapsed and fell unconscious, and he was fast taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The whole thing was prisoner on video, too (below) — though be warned, given it is flattering striking and unsettling:

So frightful — and what’s scarier still is a collision was a comparatively common one that takes place in so many soccer games. For whatever reason, a impact led Huda to stop breathing, where he eventually suffered cardiac arrest.

His team, not meaningful a border of a injuries during a time, played a rest of a compare before they all went to a sanatorium — and that’s where they found out their teammate had been conspicuous dead.

The group respected Huda on Twitter after a compare (below):

‘The Real Legend of Persela,’ as Huda was called, had been with a group given 1999, personification in some-more than 500 matches as a really vicious member of a team.

So, so remarkable — and so unbelievably sad.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of Choirul Huda’s family, friends, teammates, and desired ones.

[Image around YouTube.]

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