Indian male ‘kills 14 members of family’

Indian military and debate experts leave a residence in a Kasarvadavali area on a hinterland of Mumbai, India, 28 Feb 2016, where a 35-year-old male was suspected of murdering 14 family members before unresolved himself.Image copyright

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Police and debate experts visited a residence in Thane where a family entertainment had been holding place

A 35-year-old Indian male killed 14 members of his possess family, including 7 children and his parents, before murdering himself, military say.

Reports advise Hasnin Warekar laced his family’s food with sedatives before slitting their throats.

Neighbours from a home in Thane, nearby Mumbai, were alerted to a conflict by a screaming of a man’s sister, who survived a attack.

Police contend it is still misleading because Warekar carried out a attack.

Authorities are nonetheless to doubt Warekar’s sister, Thane military orator Gajanan Laxman Kabdule told AFP, as she was “in low trauma” during a city hospital.

Television footage showed bodies being carried out of a home, lonesome in sheets.

The family had collected for cooking in Thane, about 32km (20 miles) from Mumbai, on Saturday evening.

Thane military commissioner Ashutosh Dumbre pronounced a indicted “bolted all a doors of a residence and murdered his family while they were asleep”, regulating a blade that was found nearby his body.

Local media reports pronounced a family members were drugged, though that has not been reliable by police.

The victims’ bodies were detected on Sunday morning in a man’s home.

Warekar is believed to have worked as an accountant in Mumbai.

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A debate group visited a residence on Sunday to examine a incident

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Mourners collected outward a residence in Thane when news of a killings emerged