India vs England, 1st T20I: How Ben Stokes trapped Suresh Raina

india vs england, ind vs eng, india vs england t20, ind vs eng t20 kanpur, india england t20 suresh raina, suresh raina, suresh raina vs ben stokes, suresh raina out, cricket news, sports news Suresh Raina was bowled by Ben Stokes for 34 in a initial T20 in Kanpur. (Source: AP)

Suresh Raina loves to anticipate. You can see it work for him when he is fielding in a 30-yard circle. Unlike many, he likes to expect a batsmen’s shots and tries his best to pierce into positions early. He carries that bent to batting where it doesn’t always work out well. Especially with a bouncers. The initial T20 opposite England in Kanpur was a mixed-bag. He changed here and there, dissapoint a bowlers’ stroke and usually when it seemed he had things covered, a aged anticipation-urge did him in. His conflict with Ben Stokes in sold was action-packed event – a 6 and 4 though in a finish he fell to Stokes. Here is it how it played out.

6th over: The initial signs
The titillate to pierce towards off started in this over opposite Liam Plunkett. He walloped Plunkett for a 4 and started to pierce right opposite his stumps for a follow-up delivery. It wasn’t a brief one and Raina managed to torment it to leg side for a single. Was a transformation in expectation of a bouncer?

7th over: a conflict with Stokes
There was a opening behind square-leg and Raina shuffled right opposite off a initial round he faced from Stokes. He managed to get a integrate of runs. He attempted to repeat it subsequent round though missed. He attempted again subsequent ball, missed it again though this time a round ran divided for a leg bye.

13th over: Stokes returns
Raina moves outward leg, Stokes follows him with a length smoothness and crash – a round is thrown behind from far-reaching long-on boundary. He is on 34, a mini quip of sorts is looking good, when that titillate returned. Raina not usually stays behind inside a double though starts to hang on his behind feet as Stokes runs in. Furthermore, he starts to event towards a off.

It isn’t a assured shuffle, some-more a event that gives a sense he was maybe awaiting a brief one as atonement from a bowler for a large shot before. Instead, Stokes comes with a scorcher of a yorker. The correctness is deadly, a choice of yorker is a warn that is serve accentuated by a leg-stump target. Raina’s delayed though early event opposite a stumps did him in.