India Runway Week 2017 brings amicable messages on conform ramp

The eventuality finished on Sunday after a few arriving designers showcased their creations during a Summer Edition 2017. (Source: India Runway Week/ Facebook)

India Runway Week, a three-day conform spectacular here, witnessed a fibre of designers display a best of trends on a runway. But some of them stood out for highlighting amicable issues by their works.

The eventuality finished on Sunday after a few arriving designers showcased their creations during a Summer Edition 2017. The highlights were by designers Varija Bajaj, Ankur J and trinket engineer Akassh K Aggarwal, who brought onward some impending issues by their designs.

Bajaj showcased a collection patrician ‘Vrindavan’. For a designer, her uncover was a amicable rebel opposite “the discrimination”, “the inauspiciousness” and “the stigma” trustworthy to a widow perfectionist her right to demeanour and be beautiful.

On a final day, engineer Ankur J launched his Amun-Ra (Hidden Light) collection that emphasizes on Egyptian colours and prints with a contemporary mix. With a collection, he lifted a summary of ‘Help Egypt Help a Heritage’.

Kristy De Cunha did a grand culmination of a eighth deteriorate of a conform celebration with her collection patrician “Gol Gol Rani Freddie Mercury”. It was a quirky turn on Freddie Mercury.

But what grabbed a headlines on day 3 was trinket engineer Akassh K Aggarwal’s collection that came with a amicable summary of “Changing Phase Of Feminism”.

“An augmenting series of eccentric women in India are tortuous age-old cultural, governmental and normal norms, a collection is desirous and dedicated to such coronet necked, bold, extreme and bold women,” he said.

The opening day began with Mumbai-based engineer Ken Ferns’s show. The collection was desirous by papercraft and a geometric forms in a genuine world.

Also, Banka silk, an classification operative for a upliftment of weavers of Banka, compared with luminary engineer Poonam Dubey to showcase a ‘Loom to Wardrobe’ range.

Designer Muskaan Agarwal done her entrance during a conform celebration and a collection she presented was Dwaar, while Kolkata formed engineer Preranaa showcased a thesis patrician ‘Kali, a hint of power’. Kali being a categorical thesis of her collection, reflected a participation of a goddess’ invincible elements in today’s women.

Designer Mithi Kalra launched her ‘Moonlight Collection’, by that she directed to prominence pacific peace and satisfaction of a universe, and attempted to revitalise a monochrome trend in a novel avatar.

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