India media aristocrat charged with murder

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Peter Mukerjea was arrested on Thursday night, following 3 days of questioning

An Indian media aristocrat has been rigourously charged with a murder of his stepdaughter, military said.

Peter Mukerjea, a former CEO of Rupert Murdoch’s Star India network, was arrested in November.

He told Indian media that he stood by his progressing matter that he had zero to do with her death.

The murder of Sheena Bora, initial suspicion to be Mr Mukerjea’s sister-in-law though after found to be his stepdaughter, has gripped India.

Police had progressing named Indrani Mukerjea, Ms Bora’s mother, as a categorical think in a case.

They have also arrested her initial father as a co-conspirator in a murder, as good as her former motorist who is listed as an accomplice.

The AFP news group quoted an unnamed military officer as observant that Mr Mukerjea had been charged with a “same offences” as a others.

They have indicted him of plotting along with his mother to kill Ms Borah in 2009.

Mr Mukerjea told a Indian Express newspaper that he would investigate a charges opposite him in jail, though stood by his avowal that he had “nothing to do with a box and was not wakeful of a conspiracy”.

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Indian media outlets have given wall-to-wall coverage to a story

The story, involving dark identities, allegations and counter-allegations and arrests has gripped Indian media for months now.

It began in May 2012 when an unclear physique was speckled by villagers 100 miles (160km) from Mumbai. Local military collected a fundamental remains, that were reportedly badly burned.

The physique was not related to Sheena’s disappearance for some-more than 3 years, during that time Mr and Mrs Mukerjea allegedly claimed their daughter had left India for a United States.

Police also lay that Mrs Mukerjea used Sheena’s write to send messages impersonating her daughter from America and Britain, one of that pennyless off a relationship.

When a genocide was related by military to a media aristocrat a box captivated widespread media coverage. Politician Shashi Tharoor called a reports “breathless and hysterical”.

Mr Mukerjea has always claimed he knew zero of a murder and was out of a nation during a time.