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Ed Gold

Anna Maria Bak, 27, is Polish and works in AE during Colchester General Hospital. Here, photographer Ed Gold takes a image of her life in Britain.

“I came to a UK for a initial time in 2010. we had complicated English philology during university in a Polish city of Krosno. Philology is a investigate of denunciation in chronological novel and we learnt a lot about Great Britain. we wanted a new plea in my life and motionless to try my fitness abroad.

“My crony and we rented a room for dual weeks in Stratford in London. We were ostensible to acquire income yet we mislaid it instead by profitable for too many transport tickets.

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Ed Gold

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“I changed behind to Poland for another year yet I’m tough. My surname Bak means bumblebee in Polish. We are fighters since we’ve been by tough times.

“I was propitious when we returned to England as we got a pursuit during a Italian grill Carluccio’s. we had a crony operative there as a waiter. we learnt a lot about patron service. People are some-more respectful in a UK than in Poland.

“I left that pursuit as it was usually part-time and we couldn’t means my Oyster label and rent. we was in debt. we afterwards found a Polish lady on a internet who was anticipating jobs for people in nursing homes, yet she ripped me off and took £70 from me for certificates we never needed.

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Ed Gold

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Ed Gold

“Still we have a observant in Poland, ‘If we have adequate oil in your head’ – it means if we have adequate intelligence, we will make it work.

“I found myself a pursuit during a nursing home. we did that for dual years in north London. we remember a studious seeking me ‘Where they could spend a penny?’ and we asked them what did they wish to buy?

“I wanted a some-more severe pursuit so we changed to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, operative as an admin partner in a radiology department. Now I’m operative in a AE during Colchester General Hospital. I’m unequivocally happy to work in health as we make a difference. we go a additional mile.

“The Polish NHS is not too bad yet we consider a peculiarity of caring supposing in a English hospitals is most higher. The staff are always accessible and useful and patients get treated with honour and dignity. Unfortunately we can’t contend a same about Polish hospitals. I’ve been a studious in Poland and found communication between staff and studious to be unequivocally poor.

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Ed Gold

Anna Maria takes bloodImage copyright
Ed Gold

“Renting is most cheaper outward London and my peculiarity of life is aloft in Colchester. we am clever with my income and saving adult so that we can buy a residence one day.

“Everything costs reduction in a UK, even a food. we unequivocally like The Body Shop – it is goal unfit to get those cosmetics in Poland. Plus in Poland we acquire a third of what we can here.

“I also adore a full English breakfast – it’s a best breakfast ever. Usually for Polish breakfast you’d have lodge cheese, uninformed bread and butter yet we wouldn’t get that protein boost in a morning – a full English keeps we going for hours. we do skip a Polish food yet and a sleet we get in winter.

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Ed Gold

“It’s tough yet being miles divided from my mum. we send her parcels full of goodies like food and cosmetics twice a year. Recently I’ve been promulgation hats to her since she is ill. we know how to understanding with highlight during work yet we cry during home when we hear bad news about mum.

“I live with my prosaic partner Zelda, who is from Latvia. we have friends from all over a universe – it’s one thing we unequivocally like about vital in a UK. we met Zelda during work. We like to watch cinema and eat Chinese takeaways. We don’t have most time to go out yet we’re formulation to. We’d routinely go out to a internal pub and afterwards find somewhere to dance. we like my prosaic and feel unequivocally gentle here.

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Ed Gold

“I haven’t seen things change since of Brexit and I’ve never suffered racism.

“No-one has a right to contend to me ‘You’re out of a UK’, since we compensate my taxes, I’m not here usually to make money. It unequivocally bugs me if people come here from abroad who explain advantages after 3 months and have entrance to a giveaway health service. we consider to be here from abroad we should compensate taxes.

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Ed Gold

Anna Maria and her flatmate Zelda eat dinnerImage copyright
Ed Gold

“I get on improved with English people now than Polish people and we consider in English. Although we was innate in Poland and have a Polish passport, I’ve found it easier to live here than other Poles as I’ve blending to British multitude so well.

“I will request for citizenship in Britain yet usually when we get adequate money. It’s costly and costs about £2,000.”

All photographs © Ed Gold

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