In fourth HIL, Punjab Warriors third-time lucky

Right from a start, Punjab’s forwards  impressed their opponents and put their defenders underneath large pressure, so winning a compare in style. Right from a start, Punjab’s forwards impressed their opponents and put their defenders underneath large pressure, so winning a compare in style.

More than any other side in a Hockey India League, Punjab Warriors know a pain of losing finals. They have been unchanging adequate to strech a finals in 3 out of a 4 editions. But twice in a past have they drudged off a territory with wet eyes and commiseration. Not on Sunday, though, as they conjured adult a wholesomely widespread opening to run Kalinga Lancers ragged, and to grip their lass title, finale a rather indeterminate streak.

The scoreline ideally sums adult a pervading tinge of a match—6-1; wherein Warriors close out, and afterwards bolted, any probable window of wish for Lancers to find a foothold in a contest. On paper, it wasn’t a lop-sided contest. The final time they met, during Punjab’s home, they netted 4 goals each. But a spectators who competence have approaching an encore were in for a bold shock.

As early as a fourth minute, Warriors found a mangle by that eased their nerves. Talented youngster Armaan Qureshi reinforced his repute with a neat goal. But Kalinga Lancers didn’t panic. Regathering themselves, they done visit intrusions into a Warriors’ goalmouth. But if Pubjab’s frontline was artistic and opportunistic, their defenders were stodgy and assured, progressing their line and snuffing out their forays.

However, they couldn’t do many to forestall Moritz Fuerste from converting a chastisement corner. But that was a usually impulse they could bite in a match. However, during half-time they contingency have had hopes of creation a good fist out of a game. But as it incited out, it was all misplaced, as Punjab carried their diversion to another turn on resumption. Incessantly pier vigour on Lancers’ defenders, they done rent into their opponent’s scoring arc. And in a 39th minute, Matt Gohdes widened a inconsistency between a sides with another clinical finish


Lancers would do small yet to watch their opponents run divided with a game. They ventured to attack, yet it usually incited counter-productive as Punjab launched pacy counterattacks. Three mins later, Satbir Singh drilled in a final spike in a coffin. By that time, both sides knew a imminent result. Lancers could usually to revoke a domain of a defeat, while Punjab didn’t wish any clarity of relief that could move their opponents behind into a game. Nothing unfavourable happened as Punjab kept a lead compartment a end.

Waveriders finish third

Earlier in a day, Delhi Waveriders got a improved of fortifying champions Ranchi Rays 2-0 in a bronze endowment play-off compare to finish third. The compare started with a Waveriders dire tough to measure yet a good prepared defenders from Ranchi Rays ensured that they do not modify any opportunities.

The Waveriders had a aloft round possession during a initial entertain of a compare and also ensured aloft round penetrations. However, they couldn’t gain on any chance. Ranchi Rays done a few good moves on a opposite yet all their attempts to measure were foiled by Delhi Waveriders.

The second entertain started with Waveriders stability their aggressive game. They were finally means to mangle a deadlock with a margin idea from Mandeep Singh in a 18th minute, holding a essential 2-0 lead. Delhi dominated a round possession for many of a entertain thereafter, not giving any in. to Ranchi Rays. The second entertain finished with Delhi heading 2-0. The third entertain started with Ranchi Rays perplexing tough to settle balance in a match. They launched unbroken attacks yet were catastrophic in relocating past Delhi’s stone plain counterclaim line.

The final entertain of a compare saw a Rays creation unfortunate attempts yet Delhi were in no mood to concede a Ranchi forwards to modify any opportunities into a goal. At times, they were really detrimental as well, as they spilled a lot of gilt-edged chances.

The Waveriders clever midfield put Ranchi Rays on a behind feet and even yet they done a few entries into a opposition circle, a glorious saves by Delhi goalkeeper Devon Manchester ensured that a fortifying champions could not modify any into a goal, and no group done any changes to a scoreline after a initial goal, notwithstanding all their accordant efforts.

Prizes galore

The Warriors walked divided with a winners coupon of Rs 2.50 crores along with a winner’s trophy. Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das presented a winner’s prize to Jaypee Punjab Warriors captain Sardar Singh and Mark Knowles.

Kalinga Lancers pocketed a coupon of Rs 1.25 crores for finishing as runners-up.

The Player of a Tournament Award of Rs 50 lakh was awarded to Rupinder Pal Singh of Delhi Waveriders. Mark Knowles of a Warriors walked divided with a Man of a Match Award, that carried Rs 50,000.

The Goal of a Match endowment of Rs 50,000 was awarded to Armaan Qureshi of a Warriors, who has showed a lot of intensity via a tournament. The Emerging Player of a Match endowment of Rs 25,000 was awarded also to Qureshi. The Dhruv Batra Maximum Goals endowment of Rs 20 lakh was awarded to Kalinga Lancers’ Glenn Turner, who had struck in roughly any other match. The Ponty Chadha Upcoming Player of a Tournament endowment of Rs 20 lakh went to Sumit of Ranchi Rays.