Impeachment Open Post: Hosted by James Comey’s created testimony

If we couldn’t tell from a augmenting violence from a wire news media, former FBI Director James Comey is going to attest before a Senate Intelligence Committee today. This will be Comey’s initial open coming and open matter given Donald Trump sh-tcanned him one month ago. we should contend that this will be Comey’s initial central matter – we generally trust he’s been leaking information to a NY Times and Washington Post here and there. Comey’s testimony starts during 10 am EST, and this is a Open Post on a situation. Personally, we don’t consider we’re going to be removing a lot of large bombshells – Comey will expected be confirming, on a record, several pieces of information that have already been reported in a media.

Ahead of his testimony, Comey expelled a seven-page matter on Wednesday. This will be his opening matter before a committee, and as we can imagine, I’m not going to cut-and-paste a whole damn thing. You can review a full request here. Lawfare Blog calls Comey’s created matter “the many intolerable singular request gathered about a central control of a open duties of any President given a recover of a Watergate tapes.” NY Mag says that Comey’s matter shows that Trump truly behaves as if he is an strict dictator, someone with no honour (or believe of) a checks and balances of power. Comey sum a border of that Trump overstepped a normal POTUS-FBI Director relationship, and how Trump regularly asked him for “loyalty” and to do something about a Mike Flynn investigation.

Trump’s counsel expelled a matter about Comey’s prepared testimony, saying: “The boss is gratified that Mr. Comey has finally publicly reliable his private reports that a boss is not underneath review in a Russian probe. The boss feels totally and totally vindicated. He is fervent to continue to pierce brazen with his agenda.” Vox breaks down this partial of a contention here.

And this was a central GOP response to Comey’s created testimony. Sad!

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