If Drake Were a Chocolate Cake, This Is What He Would Taste Like

New York’s Butter Scotch bakery combines dual of a favorite things (chocolate and Drake!) with this tantalizing Hotline Bling cake. Described as “one of a best chocolate cakes I’ve ever had” by POPSUGAR Executive Editor Nancy Einhart, a Drake-inspired cake is pronounced to be “rich and chocolatey, with only a hold of acquire saltiness.” Yeah, we’re already drooling, too.

That’s not all, though. The dark chocolate Hotline Bling cake ($45) is lonesome in succulent bullion shine wise for a swat aristocrat and has “layers of pickled caramel” in between. If you’re prepared to try it for yourself and we occur to be in a NYC area, we can sequence and collect adult a 10-inch cake, that serves adult to 22 slices, or a six-inch cake, that serves adult to 10 slices. You can also ask a personalized summary on top, since YOLO. Now forgive us while we provide ourselves to another square and glance during these 31 photos of Drake looking succulent AF.