ICYMI, Whole Foods Has a Most Amazing Self-Serve Mochi Bars

Plenty of Whole Foods stores have self-serve salad bars and prohibited bars, though does yours have a mochi ice cream bar? If you’re lucky, it does. Some Whole Foods stores, including Fremont, CA, and Wheaton, IL, have a space in their bakery territory clinging to a freezer full of a Japanese dessert of battered gummy rice filled with ice cream. If we haven’t bitten into a squishy, sweet, cold mochi, you’re severely blank out.

Whole Foods’ eye-catching bins of mochi have a accumulation of brightly colored flavors, including chocolate, passion fruit, and a favorite of ours, lychee. While there’s something so gratifying about saying all a flavors laid out and palm picking your favorites to suffer immediately, Whole Foods also sells finished boxes of mochi in a freezer aisle if your plcae doesn’t have a self-serve option. Trader Joe’s Strawberry Mochi is a favorite of ours, too. If we wish to visually prove your mochi craving, review forward to get all a sum on Whole Foods’ desired self-serve mochi bars, and afterwards try mochi for yourself ASAP if we haven’t already.