Ian Somerhalder Hopes Nina Dobrev Can Stop The Vampire Diaries Cancellation After Season 8

Ian Somerhalder Hopes Nina Dobrev Can Stop The Vampire Diaries Cancellation After Season 8

Does Ian Somerhalder cruise Nina Dobrev can save The Vampire Diaries from termination after Season 8? Someone has to save TVD because ratings are plummeting and Kat Graham has already stated if a uncover goes past an eighth deteriorate she’s out as Bonnie Bennett.

The actor non-stop his large mouth and extrinsic a feet during Nashville’s Walker Stalker Con final weekend. Ian said, “We have motionless to do one final deteriorate to unequivocally do a story justice.” We? We who? Do TPTB know this? Has there been an central announcement?

After meditative about it for a few days Ian Somerhalder got on Twitter to explain his position. It’s substantially not a final deteriorate of TVD, however Ian believes it’s his final deteriorate as Damon Salvatore. Ian blamed his matter during Nashville Walker Stalker on “end of deteriorate misty brain.”

Was this an try to get Nina Dobrev’s attention, a passive-aggressive approach of begging Nina Dobrev to come behind as Elena Gilbert? Fans wish Nina back, and to be honest Dobrev unequivocally should cruise returning. The actress’s career post-TVD hasn’t been unequivocally successful.

It positively sounds as if a subsequent deteriorate of The Vampire Diaries is Ian Somerhalder’s last. In his Twitter construction a actor stated, “Hey all, so… Last weekend we talked to an assembly during a QA about a finish of #TVD and how vehement we was to make what we trust – my final year – be as good as possible.”

The Vampire Diaries is unequivocally all Ian has career-wise so because would he give it up? He’s fast coming 40 and marginally gifted during best. TVD is a many success Ian has had given his days as Boone Carlyle on ‘Lost’ – and his impression wasn’t even that critical to a storyline after a third season.

Nikki Reed would substantially chuck a fit if hubby’s ex-girlfriend Nina returned to a unsatisfactory CW drama. Nina behind on The Vampire Diaries competence spell difficulty for a couple’s hardly year aged marriage. Ian married Nikki on a miscarry after Nina finished their 3 year relationship.

Do fans wish The Vampire Diaries to continue even if Nina Dobrev concluded to come behind to a show? Maybe it’s time for everybody to container it all in and lay TVD to rest. Ian Somerhalder and Kat Graham might have a right idea. Go out before they uncover we a door.