I Tried a Rainbow Bagel and Have a Lot of Feelings About It

Tricked out in My Little Pony‘s tone palette and schmeared with funfetti cream cheese, this bagel from Brooklyn’s The Bagel Store has blown adult on Instagram and Snapchat for apparent reasons. Unless we work tough to equivocate amicable media, a Rainbow Bagel — like cronuts, cruffins, and other food crazes of a new past — has been flattering tough tough to miss. So, we hopped on a transport to Williamsburg, NY, to see if it’s value a hype. Before my review, let me explain something: usually one of a Bagel Store locations is closed. While a downtown Williamsburg plcae on Bedford Avenue is temporarily sealed for renovations, a Metropolitan Avenue plcae in East Williamsburg is still open.

Here’s what we need to know about The Bagel Store and a Rainbow Bagel itself: The Bagel Store is not a neat fritter mart like San Francisco’s Mr. Holmes Bakehouse (home of a cruffin) or Manhattan’s Dominique Ansel Bakery (home of a cronut). In appearance, it is unequivocally many an normal bagel shop, with a arrange of desirable mom-and-pop vibe. The Rainbow Bagel looks like it’s done of Play-Doh, smells and tastes faintly of Fruity Pebbles, and has a not-quite-right chewy texture. (To be fair, a aim assembly is many expected not bagel snobs.) The sprinkle-loaded cream cheese arrange of saves it with a gratifying feel though doesn’t unequivocally ambience like cake batter; it’s some-more like a brew of cream cheese with cream cheese frosting. All in all, it’s only all right. we wish it were possibly a small bit sweeter or not honeyed during all and only rainbow-colored. we elite a other bagel we picked adult (a pickled bagel schmeared with plain cream cheese). Also, not surprisingly, removing your hands on a Rainbow Bagel takes 30 mins (9 a.m. on a weekday), even after rush hour.

TL;DR: If we live, work, or occur to be nearby The Bagel Store and are an active amicable media user, cruise perplexing a Rainbow Bagel for yourself. Is it a destination-worthy treat? On a merits of flavor, really not. As Instagram and Snapchat fodder, maybe yes, if it’ll move we fun and you’re passive of lines. It is as rainbow splendid as these and other Instagrammed photos would suggest.