Hungry hippos pierce into Colombia town

Three hippopotamus demeanour out from a pool during Hacienda Napoles nearby Puerto Triunfo, Colombia. Jul 2006Image copyright
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Back in a 1980s Pablo Escobar alien elephants, rhinoceroses, giraffes, zebras and hippos from Africa to graze and delight during his many synthetic lakes.

Biologists in Colombia contend a drought has forced dual hippopotamuses into a city in hunt of food.

The animals are descendants of a organisation alien in a 1980s by a scandalous drug nobleman Pablo Escobar for his private zoo nearby a city of Puerto Triunfo in Antioquia province.

They’ve been seen extending in fields with cattle and erratic by a city nearby a city of Medellin.

Local children have been warned to keep divided from a animals.

The biologists contend they are watchful for dilettante dart guns to composed a hippos so they can pierce them.

Over a years a race of hippos during a Escobar ranch, Hacienda Napoles, has increasing and some have escaped.

Escobar smuggled in elephants, giraffes and other outlandish animals for his zoo. Among them were 4 hippos – 3 females and one male.

When a plantation was confiscated in a early 1990s, many of a animals were diluted to zoos around a nation though a hippos stayed in their lakes and have double to some-more than 60.

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In a heyday, there were around 1,900 other furious animals on a Escobar ranch, Hacienda Napoles

Correspondents contend they have thrived in a pleasant Colombian climate, a waterways and abounding vegetation.

There have been sightings of them distant from a Escobar estate, that has depressed into disrepair given a drugs duke was killed in a shootout in 1993.

There have been years of discuss about what to do with a hippos and discussions about either they should be culled.

But many Colombians like them and there have even been cases of calves being taken home as pets.