Hundreds Of Football Fans Are Protesting The Blacklisting Of Colin Kaepernick In Front Of NFL Headquarters!

Is a NFL blacklisting Colin Kaepernick??

That’s what many believe, and they’re pacific to put their income where their mouths are — by boycotting this football season!

Over a past few weeks, after it became pure that no organisation was going to pointer a quarterback, who has been out of his San Francisco 49ers agreement for 5 months, some-more and some-more have inspected Kaepernick with their skip of dollars.

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According to many experts, nonetheless Colin isn’t a certain thing he was 4 years ago, it’s not his skip of ability that’s retaining him off a domain yet a discuss surrounding him.

Kaepernick famously took a knee during a National Anthem in critique of troops force toward black men, a means for that many woke NFL fans have his back. And by that we meant they literally have his array on their backs.

Derrick Johnson of a NAACP sent a letter requesting a public with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, saying:

“No actor should be victimized and discriminated conflicting given of his use of giveaway discuss — to do so is in molestation of his rights underneath a Constitution and a N.F.L.’s possess regulations.”

Goodell has denied that a 32 teams are banning Kaepernick or that a fasten itself has criminialized him. But that hasn’t deterred irritable fans.

Over 170,000 have hermetic a petition to critique a NFL as enlarged as he stays unemployed. And many showed adult during a critique in front of NFL Headquarters on Wednesday:

Do YOU cruise a NFL is blacklisting Kaepernick over his protests?

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