HUH??? Corey Feldman Has ‘No Lacerations’ On His Abdomen After Stabbing Claim!

corey feldman no gash wounds after claim

Did Corey Feldman LIE about being stabbed??

As we reported earlier, on Wednesday morning, a Stand By Me alum took to Twitter to announce that he’d been taken to a sanatorium after being stabbed by a stranger. According to reports, it was pronounced that a attention oldster was jabbed in a abdomen, while dual additional group dreaming his confidence guard.

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Scary, right?? Well, it seems a attack wasn’t as apocalyptic as a 46-year-old done it out to be, as no lacerations were indeed found on Feldman. Per Crime Online, Corey checked himself into a sanatorium on Tuesday evening. Upon his arrival, The Goonies actor called a Los Angeles Police Department and asked for their assistance.

Officer Lizeth Lomeli, who is a LAPD Media Relations spokesperson, told a announcement that Corey pronounced he was sitting in his automobile during a dilemma of Reseda and Ventura Blvd., when a male approached him and done stabbing motions towards his abdomen. The misleading law-breaker afterwards fled a scene.

Officer Lomeli continued by confirming that ZERO lacerations were done and pronounced it was misleading if Feldman postulated injuries elsewhere. She did note that a responding officers didn’t mark any additional wounds.

There is no stream outline of Corey’s purported assailant and a temperament of Feldman’s confidence fact is different as well. Hmmmm, it looks like Corey has some ‘splain’ to do.

[Image around Twitter.]

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