How to keep your skin glowing? TV celebs share their summer secrets

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Summers are here. While we can puncture into a crater of ice cream, and go for prolonged swims to kick a heat, a deteriorate unequivocally calls for a tiny difficulty for your skin. The boiling feverishness and incessant persperate creates it immensely formidable to stay uninformed and intense all via a day. Sweat mixes with a germ on a skin and clogs a pores, creation it formidable for a skin to breath.

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Even when we’re out in a sun, many of us wish we could demeanour flawless. However, a skin starts to feel dry, raw or humid. But, you’re not a usually one confronting these problems. Celebrities have the same set of worries. We move we make-up and skin caring tips from a few renouned tiny shade stars.

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From Devoleena Bhattacharjee to Yuvika Chowdharry, take impulse from these TV celebs’ summer secrets.


“During summers, we adore to flourish a no make-up look, though we use waterproof make-up products to spike it — be it mascara or a cream blush. For other days, we use my sunblock, soppy tissues (with cucumber or aloe vera extracts) and a hydrating face mist!”



“On balmy days, we don’t unequivocally wear complicated make-up and mostly, only lift a healthy demeanour in a day that includes sunblock organic blush, a lurch of mascara and mouth balm.”


“I cite regulating sunscreens. Being an actress, carrying make-up on is essential and changes according to what a impression demands. However, when I’m not on shoot, we cite to flourish healthy colours and mascara. Whenever we get time, we request handcrafted face packs with chandan or fruits or multani mitti and serum. That keeps my skin healthy and glowing.”


“During summer, we cite to use a mouth balm, sunscreen and glow on with waterproof mascara. That gives me a ideal summer look. we never forget to lift my sunglasses during a day.”


“During summers, we only request sunblock on my face. we adore wearing H2O explanation eye-liner and mouth balm. Make-up creates we demeanour uncanny and uncomfortable, generally in summers. So, in box if we have to step out or go for shooting, we cite waterproof light make-up. we feel, one should smell uninformed and be well-perfumed.”


“I feel one should be some-more clever about their skin during summers, generally if we live in Mumbai. During a day, use sunblock and keep soppy napkins. Choose aloe vera, cucumber or neem as per your choice. we adore staying healthy with only a mouth relief and H2O explanation mascara. Also, we advise to always keep a good redolence in your bag.”

What’s your summer style?

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First Published on: Apr 21, 2017 7:17 pm