How to censor your stomach fat? Follow these 7 conform hacks

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Want to hide that stomach fat and wear stylish summer dresses? Opt for prolonged flowy tops and sovereignty line dresses, contend experts.

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Bhavya Chawla, Chief Stylist during Voonik, and Karieshma Sarnaa and Amrita KM, conform designer, Shopotox, share some hacks to censor belly bulge.

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* Long, flowy tops: Flowy, prolonged tops can be a saviour as they’re designed in a approach that ensures that a outfit doesn’t adhere to any partial of your body, so they can be good to deception your stomach bulge.

* Empire line dresses: They are designed in such a approach that they upsurge external from a waist down. They are also gentle to wear during a summer heat.

* Say approbation to mid-rise jeans: Mid-rise jeans tuck in a stomach gush so avoiding neglected muffin tops combined around a waistline.

* Avoid colour blocking: Go for monochromatic demeanour or wear shades and tints of a same hue.

* Layering: Opt for light layers, light fabrics like mul, linen and others to be ragged as prolonged vests, and capes.

* Avoid waist belts: Waist belts defines your bust and waist line so equivocate that for some time compartment a time we don’t get behind in shape.

* Pair your midis right: Midi skirts with collared shirts withdrawal dual tip buttons unbuttoned looks chic. Else wear it with a scooped neck top.

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