‘How to Get Away With Murder’ Boss Warns Not to Rule Anyone Out as Wes’ Killer

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from Thursday’s midseason premiere of How to Get Away With Murder, “We’re Bad People.”]

The second half of How to Get Away With Murder‘s third deteriorate will be structured somewhat differently as a Keating Five — now a Keating Four — examine a murder of one of their possess and try to figure out who killed Wes.

“Instead of flashing brazen we’ll be flashing back,” showrunner Pete Nowalk tells The Hollywood Reporter. “Mostly we’re going to see what happened before Wes died. And of march there’s a questions of [who’s] a torpedo and where were people when? That’s always partial of a uncover for me, piecing together a [timeline].”

Although Frank (Charlie Weber) clearly confessed to a crime during a finish of a midseason premiere, it’s not utterly that simple. “It can’t be that easy, no,” Nowalk says. “I consider Frank done a really discerning preference — he didn’t even tell Bonnie — and either he’s revelation a law or not we don’t consider a military are going to indispensably wish to trust him. They clearly have announced that Annalise Keating is their suspect.”

Annalise (Viola Davis) is now in jail for a murder, and is now counting on her students — a one’s she’s coached (and manipulated) for a past year or so — to get her out. “She’s going to penetrate flattering low. we consider that was a interest for me and we consider that was also a interest for Viola,” Norwalk says of essay Annalise’s downward spiral, that he records has usually only begun. “I wish to watch Viola do everything. [Annalise] was arrested, and it creates a lot of clarity for her to be in jail and not a lot of clarity for her to get out any time soon.”

While a initial half of a deteriorate saw one expel member suggested protected any week — or so people might’ve suspicion (such as that time it seemed like Wes wasn’t the one underneath a sheet) — things won’t indispensably be utterly as apparent in a second half. “It’s not going to be as purify as, ‘You can order out this person.’ we consider it’s some-more that you’re going to start to get a full design of a night,” Nowalk says. “I wish to keep people guessing until a end.”

All 4 remaining members of a organisation — Laurel (Karla Souza), Michaela (Aja Naomi King), Connor (Jack Falahee) and Asher (Matt McGorry) — will understanding with their grief differently, generally Laurel, who suggested that a dearly over Wes is indeed a father of her baby.

“Laurel has a lot on her shoulders. we consider she’s going to be traffic with it in her possess time,” Nowalk says. “What we adore about removing to write something like this is they all have such opposite reactions. Obviously Connor’s reaction, as we saw, was hard. we consider they all have opposite questionable about who did it; we consider they all have secrets; and we consider they all mostly have trauma.”

But that doesn’t meant any members of a Keating Four should be reputed innocent. Can any of them be ruled out as a killer? Warns Nowalk, “I wouldn’t!”

How to Get Away With Murder front Thursdays during 10 p.m. on ABC.