How Rachel McAdams Kept Her Pregnancy a Secret

Rachel McAdams has recently turn a master during gripping a low profile.

Fans were repelled when reports of a 39-year-old’s pregnancy pennyless in mid-February, and nonetheless a singer never seemed in open with her baby bump, she was recently seen walking beside boyfriend Jamie Linden, who seemed to be carrying a baby baby child in his arms.

A repute for McAdams couldn’t be reached for comment.

Though a integrate has been dating for over a year, they are intensely private — the actress and screenwriter have never walked a red runner together and were means to keep a pregnancy a finish secret. They were initial graphic together in Paris brazen of a Cannes Film Festival in May 2016 as they waited to get into a Louvre.

Rachel McAdams and Jamie Linden

Rachel McAdams and Jamie Linden

The final time McAdams seemed during a open eventuality was during a Toronto International Film Festival in early Sep 2017 where she stopped by a PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly studio with no baby strike in sight. The singer pronounced she was looking brazen to a arriving Mean Girls musical which Tina Fey blending for Broadway.

“I unequivocally wish we get an invitation, yeah,” pronounced a actress, who played Plastics black Regina George in a film. “I would adore to see it. I’m so, so unusual about it. I’ll be a understudy. we only wish Regina George never gets sick.”

Since then, McAdams has been totally absent from a spotlight. She skipped all press appearances for her comedy Game Night also starring Jason Bateman, including a movie’s Los Angeles premiere where Jennifer Aniston was spotted shortly after her divorce.

She has nonetheless to locate a display of Mean Girls and didn’t attend a musical’s central opening on Sunday. She told PEOPLE in Feb that she didn’t have a sheet for it nonetheless though was looking brazen to attending and hoped it will have “a good prolonged run.”

Rachel McAdams during a 2017 Toronto Film Festival

Rachel McAdams during a 2017 Toronto Film Festival

The singer is not now scheduled to seem during a Apr 24 premiere of Disobedience during a 2018 Tribeca Film Festival, though her costar Rachel Weisz will be attending. McAdams formerly spoke to PEOPLE about a film and praised Weisz. The dual play banned lovers in a despotic Orthodox Jewish community.

“This was such an engaging universe to dive into, a Orthodox Jewish world,” she said. “Rachel is Jewish and she knows a small bit of it. We indeed shot in London in her neighborhood, so she was such a good resources of believe about a work and she is such an unusual actress. She was a writer on a film as good so she was really involved.”

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McAdams told PEOPLE behind in 2009 that she wanted to be a mom someday as she promoted a film The Time Traveler’s Wife in that she played a mother.

“Having a few [kids] would be great,” McAdams said, adding that she’s “looking brazen to it someday.”

The singer also forked to her possess mom for environment an instance she hoped to follow.

“My mom is a good impulse to me,” she said. “She’s a helper and really nurturing and gentle. She lets me be who we am. Hopefully we can take on those qualities and be as good as her.”