How Not To Be Offensive On Cinco De Mayo

How not to be culturally suitable on Cinco de Mayo.

Well, it’s Cinco de Mayo and a lot of tequila will be guzzled down today, yet unfortunately there will also be some informative appropriation.

But theory what? If you’re not a sum asshole who doesn’t give a shit, we can equivocate scornful an whole culture.

We’re here to help!

1. DON’T Wear A Sombrero, Fake Mustache, Or Poncho

By doing so you’ll usually be perpetuating hurtful stereotypes. Remember, a enlightenment is not a costume. You’ll also demeanour like an epic douche like Brody Jenner (above).

2. DON’T Call It Mexican Independence Day

Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day. It’s indeed a day commemorating a Battle of Puebla in 1862, when Mexican army degraded a French even yet they were woefully outnumbered.

3. Don’t Be A Hypocrite

Don’t fake you’re celebrating a enlightenment when you’re also a terrible cut who supports Trumpelstilskin and wants a limit wall built.

4. DO Eat Tacos, Drink Coronas, Support Latino Businesses

You can positively applaud by eating tasty Mexican food and celebration cervezas, tequilas, and margaritas to your heart’s content. Well, okay, don’t splash too most — we could get ethanol poisoning and, in terrible cases, indeed die. Drink in moderation! But there’s zero wrong with celebrating by enjoying a culture’s normal dishes and ancillary a people.

Be respectful, be safe, and have fun!

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