How Jersey Shore’s Snooki Handled ‘Mom Guilt 24/7’ After Leaving Kids to Film Family Vacation

While filming Jersey Shore Family Vacation wasn’t Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi‘s initial scuffle with mom guilt, it was positively one of a some-more formidable examples.

The 30-year-old star and mom of dual non-stop adult at a reunion show‘s premiere Thursday dusk in Los Angeles, revelation reporters a shame she felt while filming “was a misfortune part” of being divided from daughter Giovanna Marie, 3½, and son Lorenzo Dominic, 5½.

“Obviously, we was vehement to be with a roomies and have fun and go out and rage, given we never fury anymore, I’m a 24/7 mom,” she said. “But we missed [my kids] a night we got there. ‘Cause we co-sleep with my kids, so not sleeping with them, we had mom shame 24/7.”

“But a roomies helped me a lot, being like, ‘Listen, this is your time to suffer yourself. Go out, be a fool, we have no responsibility. Just have fun,’ ” Polizzi explained. “So we had to keep revelation myself that and we was like, ‘Yeah!’ So we woke adult and we only kept drinking.”

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Nicole Snooki Polizzi and daughter Giovanna

Nicole Snooki Polizzi's kids Giovanna and Lorenzo

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The star admits it’s “inevitable” that her kids will one day see her adventures on Jersey Shore, given they’re “always on their iPads anyway” — though it competence be a while.

“We only went to a grocery store before we came here with my son, and someone goes, ‘Hey Snooki,’ and my son goes, ‘What’s a Snooki?’ It’s already happening,” Polizzi said. “I was like, ‘You know, Mommy’s on TV and she does work.’ ”

“I fundamentally explained to him that I’m an actress, it’s scripted (which it’s not), and I’m gonna distortion to him until he indeed finds out a law that it’s indeed me,” she added. “I’m only gonna distortion to him! And contend I’m an actress. And it’s a feign show.”

Nicole Snooki Polizzi

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The mom of dual also took some time to fire down rumors of matrimony troubles between herself and father Jionni LaValle, observant a integrate are “totally fine” and revelation she’s not certain since or how the rumors started, but guesses it’s given LaValle dislikes being on camera.

Of her husband’s support of her career, Polizzi said, “He’s totally supportive, though he’s like, ‘So how prolonged are we gonna be gone? I’m stranded with dual toddlers. How prolonged is this gonna be?’ Because they’re hard, they fight.”

“I laid all my daughter’s outfits out given he’s a misfortune with changing them,” she told PEOPLE of assisting LaValle before withdrawal to film. “So we laid all a outfits out, we attempted to get groceries sent, like, each few weeks with Peapod. So yeah, we was perplexing to assistance him, though obviously, we know, it’s hard.”

Jersey Shore Family Vacation premieres Apr 5 during 8 p.m. ET on MTV.