How ‘Homeland’ Turned New York Into a Makeshift Middle East

Madam Secretary films a Oval Office scenes in studio space during Silvercup East, though a CBS play mostly finds a approach to make a Big Apple demeanour like far-off lands. “We’ve flattering most shot each continent solely Antarctica, and we’ve finished it all within a New York zone,” says executive writer Sam Hoffman, who points to Africa, South America, Israel and India as new examples. Last season, a prolongation group found a pinkish building nearby a sea on Long Island, brought in palm trees and aged cars, and called it Cuba. Among other exteriors that have doubled for general locales: Sleepy Hollow as Switzerland, Rockaway Beach as Africa, Brooklyn as Southern France, and an industrial partial of Bushwick as war-torn Syria. Says prolongation engineer Tania Bijlani of environment adult a latter: “We embellished over a existent graffiti, altered signage, strewed seat on a travel and had some burned-out cars.” Locations manager Steve Weisberg, tasked with scouting a destinations, has grown a good clarity of a region’s topography: “If it’s a dried we’re aiming for, we pierce toward a beaches and flatlands out on Long Island; if it’s mountains, we go north into a Harriman and Northern Westchester region.”