How giveaway wi-fi is transforming India’s rail stations

India’s railways pierce millions of people around a nation each day. And now interjection to ocular twine a are relocating information too.

Some 45,000km (28,000 miles) of wire run alongside India’s rail marks holding high speed giveaway wi-fi to some 115 stations on a network in a intrigue done probable by Google.

Wi-fi is transforming a railway stations branch them into digital as good as railway hubs and giving businesses a boost too.

BBC Click’s David Reid went to Jaipur hire to find out more.

You can see Click: India’s internet on rails over a weekend of 26 and 27 Aug 2017 on BBC World News and a BBC News Channel and after on BBCiPlayer (UK only)

This programme was initial transmitted in Mar 2017.

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