Houston Man Electrocuted & Killed In Floodwaters While Checking On His Sister’s Cat: ‘He Probably Drowned. And Burned.’

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Another tragedy from a waters of Hurricane Harvey.

A 25-year-old Houston male died on Tuesday after he was electrocuted by a live handle in floodwaters while perplexing to check adult on his sister’s stranded cat.

Alyssa Pasek pronounced her hermit Andrew (above) was “just perplexing to be my hero” when he returned to their evacuated area to check adult on a cat she left behind on a second building of her home. She explained to People:

“[Andrew]’s fearless. That child was so brave… He only unequivocally wanted to go and be a one to call me and tell me, ‘She’s okay, she’s fine, don’t worry.”

Before evacuating her Houston home on Monday, Alyssa attempted to remonstrate her cat to come downstairs, though D’Artagnon, a 15-pound Maine Coon cat, refused.

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The 27-year-old didn’t have a cat carrier, so she put an involuntary tributary and copiousness of uninformed H2O out for a feline. Alyssa was assured a animal would be excellent on a own, though her hermit wasn’t.

Andrew, an Eagle Scout who frequently discovered wandering animals he found on a street, called his sister Tuesday afternoon and pronounced he was going to check on a cat. Alyssa recalled:

“I said, ‘Okay, greatfully be safe.’ we asked how low a H2O was — we was so fearful of him drowning. He told me he desired me and that was it.”

The Army Corps of Engineers had formerly finished a tranquil recover of a Addicks Reservoir, putting their neighbors’ grass knee-deep in water. Unfortunately, a energy wasn’t close off and a live handle was swinging in a H2O Andrew began movement through.

Back in 2011, Andrew had plates and steel screws in his ankle from mixed surgeries due to a automobile accident. According to his mom JoDell, a stream of a live handle was drawn true to a metal. She explained:

“Because he had plates and screws in his ankle, a notation that he stepped into a live water, it knocked him off his feet. His crony was walking behind him and Andrew pushed him divided and said, ‘Don’t hold me.’ “He said, ‘I’m dying,’ as he fell into this light post that contingency have had this live wire. The stream went to his ankle and he mislaid his change and he fell into a water.”

Andrew’s crony ran to a circuitously home and called 911 and told a family. But since Andrew was in waters with a live current, rescuers could not get to him. JoDell continued:

“They maybe could have resuscitated him if they could have gotten to him. But a energy was incited on so they couldn’t get to him. They could not go try and assistance him, He laid in that water. He substantially drowned. And burned.”

OMG, so horrifying!

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The mom says Andrew was in a H2O for over an hour-and-a-half before a energy association incited off a energy so his physique could be retrieved.

JoDell is justly “angry” during CenterPoint Energy in Houston for being obliged for a such a preventable tragedy. She noted:

“They could have electrocuted someone else. It could have been a child. They inundate a subdivisions, though they don’t spin off a power. It’s crazy.”

Mourning her son, she continued:

“It breaks my heart. He was only a helper. He always wanted to help. He had a Jeep Cherokee with a draw bar and he was constantly assisting people with their cars out of ditches. He was always helping.”

So awful. Our hearts go out to Andrew’s desired ones and all of those ravaged by a floods in Texas.

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