Hostages die in foiled Brazil bank robberies

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At slightest 5 hostages, including a child, have died as armed military battled robbers who had attempted to raid dual banks in north-east Brazil.

Six other people also died in a gun conflict in a city of Milagres, reports say. It is not transparent if they were robbers or military officers.

The mayor of Milagres, in Ceara state, pronounced a hostages were killed by their captors as military changed in.

Two suspected robbers were arrested, Brazilian media reported.

Four of a hostages, including a child, were all from a same family, city mayor Lielson Landim told Radio Band News.

According to initial reports, military astounded a robbers in a early hours of a morning and intent them in a shootout. The squad afterwards fled, grabbing a hostages on their way.

Mr Landim, quoted by Brazil’s Globo newspaper, pronounced a squad had blocked a highway with a lorry and seized a family from a car that was forced to stop.

“The criminals killed a hostages and a military killed a criminals,” he added.

However, a mouthpiece for a state administrator pronounced that 12 people had died, including 6 military officers.

Security officials pronounced military had seized guns and explosives used by a gang. Three vehicles had been used in a attempted robberies on dual bank branches, they added.