Horrifying Video Shows a Exact Moment a Baby Fractures Her Leg While on Slide with Her Dad

Kayla Campbell is vocalization out in a hopes of preventing other kids from removing harm on slides.

The Salem, Virginia-based mom of dual and her father Matthew took their children — Emelyn, 14 months, and Joseph, 6 — to Longwood Park on Jul 13, where things took an astonishing spin after Matthew and Emelyn rode down a slip together (the tot’s “favorite thing to do,” according to her mom).

A video Campbell shared to Facebook shows a accurate impulse the small girl’s injury occurs, about median down a slip when her left feet becomes snared between a side of a structure and Matthew’s leg. A popping sound can be listened right before she starts to cry out.

“PSA: Be clever going down slides with small ones on your lap!” Campbell captioned a Facebook post including a video and photos of Emelyn’s X-ray, initial wrappings and successive hot-pink cast.

“Tonight, she had on some inexpensive rubber boots I’d picked adult from Walmart that resemble Crocs given they’re all she’ll keep on her small feet,” she explains. “As they went down a slide, a boots gripped a side and her feet got held between her dad’s leg and a cosmetic edge.”

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Emelyn Campbell

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Campbell suggested that Emelyn’s collision “resulted eventually in a turn detonate all a approach by her tibia” and that she primarily was in a rive before removing her cast, that she is approaching to have to wear for a small over 4 weeks total.

“She’ll be fine after a few months, though we wanted to give everybody a small heads up,” Campbell combined in her post, pity that her daughter was already crawling around a small a few days after a incident. “Maybe we can assistance forestall another changed baby from going by this 



“And only an FYI: I’m not blaming a shoes. I’m not blaming a slide. I’m not blaming anyone or anything for this collision given it’s only that: an ACCIDENT. There’s a probability this would have still happened with different/no shoes. The ER only mentioned that a rubber caused some-more attrition than many other boots given of their grip, hence my support to use additional counsel if your child wears them,” she concludes.

Emelyn Campbell's X-ray

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Speaking to internal news outlet WDJB7, Campbell said, “No approach it’s protected for a 1-year-old to go down a slip by themselves. So we think, ‘Okay, it’s safer for them to go down in my lap.’ And that’s unequivocally not a case.”

According to a 2017 investigate by the American Academy of Pediatrics, some-more than 350,000 children who were reduction than 6 years of age were harmed on slides in a United States from 2002 to 2015. Of a injuries that were reported, toddlers aged 12 to 23 months had a top commission of injuries, many being fractures of a leg.

“And nothing of my other mom friends had any thought this was a possibility,” Campbell combined to WDJB7. “If we can assistance someone else not go by this, this only weird accident.”

Emelyn Campbell

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The occurrence echoes that of Heather Clare, a mom of 3 who took her 1-year-old twins to a park in Huntington, New York, in 2015, where daughter Meadow suffered mixed fractures to her leg when they rode down a slip together. (The small lady has given done a full recovery.)

As the now-viral picture posted by Clare to her Facebook comment final month shows, Meadow’s right leg became trapped between her mom’s leg and a slide, rambling it in a conflicting direction. The photo, taken only before a injury, showed Clare and Meadow smiling, unknowingly of what was about to happen.

“When we got down to a bottom of a slide, she was great bad,” Clare told PEOPLE of a injury, that occurred only 3 days after Meadow took her initial steps. “It was terrible, generally feeling like we put her in that position. It was totally avoidable.”