Hina Khan has zero to do with a jewellery, says stylist Hemalata Pariwal

Hina Khan controversyHina Khan controversy Hina Khan’s stylist Hemalata Pariwal has responded to a allegations.

Television star Hina Khan on Thursday was indicted of causing detriment of over Rs 11 lakh to a trinket brand. She was also sent a authorised notice, perfectionist a created reparation and remuneration of Rs 2 lakh. Now, Hina’s stylist Hemalata Pariwal has responded to a allegations. She settled that a Bigg Boss 11 star’s name has been dragged by a jewellers for publicity. She also combined that a pronounced trinket was unnoticed by her assistants and a code was duly sensitive about a same.

In a statement, Hemalata said, “I had sourced a trinket for Hina’s coming during a Dadasaheb Phalke Awards in April. But she deserted a ornaments and asked my assistants to lapse a same. we was repelled when they sensitive me that they have mislaid it. we had dutifully lodged an FIR during a Bangur Nagar military hire opposite a assistants for counsel theft.”

The stylist combined that she was taken by warn to know about a authorised notice. According to Hemalata, a coordinating agency’s owners was wakeful of a theft. “Hina has zero to do with a jewellery. We have been stirring and mild with a group so that they can get a word for a mislaid jewellery. But they are melancholy us and not vouchsafing us pronounce to a jeweller directly to arrange a matter.”

As per Hina Khan’s publicist, a actor would respond legally once she receives a notice. The actor feels that a matter is a inexpensive review to extract income and recognition regulating her name. Hina had also tweeted about a authorised notice. She posted, “LOL consternation because this authorised notice did not strech my residence and instead reached all a media houses.. contemptible haters this tactic will not work.. try something new.. bhassodi will still shine.”

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