Hillary Clinton Blasts “Troubling” Donald Trump At ‘Maze Runner’ Producer Hosted Fundraiser

The leader of a GOP primary in South Carolina took a approach strike from Hillary Clinton currently during a Hollywood fundraiser. “There are a series of reasons to better Donald Trump, though arch among them is security,” a former Secretary of State told a throng this dusk during a Hancock Park home of manager/producer Ellen Goldsmith-Vein and her MarketShare co-founder father Jon Vein.

Donald Trump presidential campaigning in New Hampshire, America - 08 Feb 2016“It’s utterly a discouraging vision,” Clinton combined of a POV’s put onward by a former Apprentice horde and a other remaining GOP contenders, sources contend during a private event. “And it’s not only Trump. It’s all of them.” Clinton took aim during Trump’s devise to anathema Muslims, go over H2O boarding and other remarks as creation it tough for a U.S. to benefit a support of a normal allies in a War on Terror.

Billed as an Evening With Hillary during the Maze Runner writer and Gotham/Principal manager’s pad, tickets for Clinton’s second L.A. fundraiser of a day were going from $2,700 a square to $10,000 and adult to $27,000 for a full package of particular print and some-more with a candidate. Earlier in a day, Clinton had a 3 – 5 PM equally pricey Conversation With Hillary eventuality during a home of Elizabeth Hirsh Naftali and Anita Hirsh, also in Studio City.

Today’s contingent of fundraisers in Studio City, a Mayor Eric Garcetti hosted one in Hancock Park and another after tonight are a seventh time, a former First Lady has been out to L.A. looking for Hollywood income given she rigourously announced her most approaching President run final spring. Clinton has lifted around $7 million from Hollywood donors this primary season, not including income that a several super PACS like Priorities USA has hovered up.

Bernie Sanders debate Rally, Las Vegas, America - 08 Nov 2015However, with a hugely successful online grassroots effort, opposition Bernie Sanders kick Clinton in fundraising in Jan and looks to expected to do a same in Feb notwithstanding narrowly losing a Nevada caucuses to a ex-NY Senator this past weekend. While a customer of a Red Hot Chili Peppers’ concerts and more, a Vermont Senator has not intent in a $2,700 to 27,000 a sheet low slot events like Clintonand before her President Barack Obama customarily does.

Heading into a South Carolina primary on a weekend, Clinton and Sanders are neck and neck delgatewise with a former carrying 52 to a latter’s 51. The ex-SecOfState has a large lead over her opposition in a super representatives of Democratic Party bureau holders and energy brokers. Sanders and Clinton will both be participating in another CNN hosted city gymnasium tomorrow.

Before starting adult on a California fundraising route today, Clinton participated in a Facebook QA. Unlike Trump and Sanders, Clinton has not given a press discussion in month while out hustling for votes and cash.