Higgins leads Selby in retaining World Championship final

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Watch Higgins’ illusory 141 mangle in one minute

John Higgins cumulative a 10-7 lead over fortifying champion Mark Selby on day one of a World Championship final during a Crucible Theatre.

Scotland’s four-time champion done a glorious 141 clearway – a joint-highest mangle in a universe final – on his approach to holding a autocratic 10-4 lead.

World series one Selby finally found his form and breaks of 121 and 81 helped him win a final 3 frames.

The best-of-35 final resumes on Monday during 14:00 BST and is live on BBC Two.

The 41-year-old Higgins, who kick Selby in a 2007 final, is aiming to turn a oldest leader given 45-year-old Welshman Ray Reardon triumphed in 1978.

Two-time champion Selby, 33, is behest to turn usually a fourth actor – after Stephen Hendry, Steve Davis and Ronnie O’Sullivan – to win uninterrupted universe titles in a complicated era.

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Higgins dominates sap Selby

The dual players had resisting semi-final victories as Selby edged by with a stirring 17-15 feat over Ding Junhui, while Higgins enjoyed a gentle 17-8 win over Barry Hawkins.

There were expectations previously that a compare would be a conflict between dual players who specialise in tenacious, matchplay snooker, though it featured 9 breaks over 50, and dual centuries.

Despite opening a final with breaks of 76 and 62, Selby looked sap following his semi-final exertions, blank candid pots when presented with opportunities in a reds.

A missed red in a seventh support will have been of sold concern, as a Englishman was 54-1 forward though instead authorised Higgins to transparent adult with a stoical mangle of 58.

Higgins claimed 5 frames in a row, knocking in contributions of 63, 95 and 58, as good as his glorious 141 ,which equalled O’Sullivan’s bid in 2012 as a best mangle available in a World Championship final.

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World Championship final: John Higgins goes plant-potty during Crucible

Selby reconstruction restores hope

Selby looked to be on his approach to a abrasive first-day deficit, though in customary conform managed to quarrel behind to stay in a contest.

He had runs of 86 and 81 in a second session, though Higgins took a tactical sell to go 5 frames ahead. However, he did skip a pinkish to a center slot with a reds open, as Selby responded to obtain some much-needed joy.

Higgins guaranteed himself an overnight lead by pinching a 13th and followed adult with 76 to serve extend his advantage.

But Selby somehow constructed a late reconstruction to keep himself in touch.

‘A good lead to have’

Seven-time universe champion Stephen Hendry on BBC Two

For a subsequent few hours John will be really unhappy since he’s so gifted and knows frames can make a disproportion come tomorrow night.

Once he’s got over that initial disappointment, 10-7 is a good lead to have.

‘Astonishing respond from Selby’

Six-time universe champion Steve Davis on BBC Two

There will be loads of adrenaline pumping for both players, any for opposite reasons. It’s been a fascinating second session. we consider by a finish of a night they’ll have privileged their minds of all of that.

It was only an startling customary by a universe champion and universe series one in those final 3 frames. He’s superb. You’d design it, though for a notation there it didn’t demeanour like it was going to occur since John Higgins had him on a ropes.

Frame scores

Mark Selby (Eng) 7-10 John Higgins (Sco)

First session: 76-34 (76), 7-50, 121-8 (62, 58), 0-141 (141), 40-99 (63), 1-126 (95), 54-59 (58), 33-68 6-2 Higgins

Second session: 86-0 (86), 8-60, 44-74, 69-22, 1-68, 0-76 (76), 81-9 (81), 121-12 (121), 96-17 10-7 Higgins

Highest mangle so far: Higgins 141; Selby 121