Hideo Kojima says games and films will combine together

Legendary diversion engineer Hideo Kojima says games, novels and films will “merge into one form of entertainment”.

Described as a Spielberg of gaming, he was vocalization to Radio 1 Newsbeat during an disdainful debate of his new studio in Tokyo.

“We wish to be there when that time comes, to assistance uncover people a new kind of experience.

“We’re already scheming for that future, though initial we’re focusing on a subsequent game.”

The male behind a iconic Metal Gear array is looking to a destiny after a integrate years dominated by a controversial break-up from his former employers Konami.

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Our gaming contributor Steffan Powell and Hideo Kojima in Tokyo

Touring Tokyo with Hideo Kojima

He doesn’t go into fact though tells Newsbeat: “I worked for 30 years during my prior company.

“I had a lot of practice there and I’m unequivocally elegant of all we gained from that experience.”

He set adult his new studio, Kojima Productions, after withdrawal Konami in Dec 2015.

The scholarship novella desirous corridor into a Kojima Productions Studio

“I have some-more leisure now since a final preference comes down to me.

“This association is not listed on a batch sell so we don’t need to worry about appreciative investors.

“We can usually mix on creation good games.”

But games are usually a commencement for a male credited for formulating a secrecy genre behind in 1987.

Hideo Kojima with one of a stars of his subsequent pretension Death Stranding, Mads Mikkelsen

That title, Metal Gear, went on to enthuse tip offered gaming franchises like Assassin’s Creed, Uncharted and Hitman.

“In life people are unequivocally bustling doing lots of things,” he explains by a translator.

“The time we have to select what media or party we knowledge is dwindling.

“More and some-more people are looking during forms of media that mix elements together.”

“If we usually make a diversion people are reduction expected to select that as something to do.

“They would rather rivet in something that combines opposite forms of party together.

“That’s where we need to concentration a efforts, on this convergence.”

He’s formulation on a destiny where cinema are playable and games give players a choice to entrance some-more extended film like calm within them.

Quantum Break poster

But before we see this prophesy realised, he’s focusing on creation Sony’s disdainful recover Death Stranding.

Not most is famous about a top-secret pretension that was dramatically announced final year.

Despite a best efforts we couldn’t get most some-more information out of a creator.

“No comment,” he laughs when we ask for sum of a game.

Inside a Kojima Productions Studio

He explains: “Unfortunately we can’t unequivocally contend anything about it during a moment.”

However it is expected that fans can design something unequivocally opposite to what he’s constructed before.

“We wish this diversion to be something that people can get into simply though after an hour or dual they’ll start to notice something a small different.

“It’s not like anything they’ve played before.”

During a revisit to a Sony muster centre in Tokyo he explains more: “Bands that everybody remembers take risks.

“They constantly change their song from prior albums, bettering and elaborating by a ages.”

The impression Quiet from his final game

“They competence remove some fans along a way, though they move in new ones, that’s a kind of proceed we wish to take with my new game.”

Kojima also talked about some of a other large issues in gaming.

He shielded a proceed women have been represented in prior titles, with some gamers vicious of “overly sexualised” characters.

“I’m going to have a opposite proceed for a subsequent game,” he says.

Kojima Productions reception

“What we unequivocally wish to equivocate is, like we see in some games, characters with large breasts with no behind story.

“If we make characters that during initial peek competence demeanour like this afterwards they’ll have a low credentials story to give a specific reason why.”

Virtual existence is being hailed as a destiny of gaming though Kojima hints that VR games need to get better.

“This competence dissapoint some people,” he says.

“I don’t consider many titles are holding advantage of a intensity of VR

“It has a intensity to move [out] emotions that people haven’t gifted before, when personification a diversion or examination a movie.”

Hideo Kojima's office

Gaming’s top-selling titles are mostly sequels in large franchises like Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed.

Despite carrying a story closely tied to one of those large franchises himself, Kojima tells us not to design his new studio to take that approach.

“We don’t wish to be a studio that re-uses assets, ideas or usually creates sequels all a time.

“We wish it so [that] each time someone plays one of a games they’re removing a new experience.”

The 53-year-old has no skeleton to retire any time soon. In fact, he says he’s usually only removing started.

“My favourite thing to do is make things. Even on my genocide bed we will still be creation something, since that’s what life is for me.”

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